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Mrs. Stayer-Maloney served as Vice Chairman and Secretary/Treasurer of the Board of Johnsonville Sausage, LLC for over 30 years. Launa’s involvement in the business resulted in the opening of major U.S. markets outside the State of Wisconsin. She hired, developed, and coached the first Johnsonville national sales force. During her tenure and leadership of the national sales force, she developed the concept of “customer brands” or private label to fully utilize Johnsonville’s resources. Mrs. Stayer-Maloney is also involved in creating and developing the Johnsonville brand into the only global brand in sausage. Johnsonville currently sells its brand in over 30 countries. Mrs. Stayer-Maloney was a member of the AMI Board of Directors for 15 years.

Her work in the area of education includes serving on the board of trustees for Mount Mary College as head of their marketing development committee. Launa was also a founding member of Lake Country Academy, a Direct Instruction 4K – 8th grade institution. Most recently she has worked to develop Spaceport Sheboygan in an effort to encourage children to pursue education and employment in the areas of science, technology, and mathematics.

Mrs. Stayer-Maloney held the position of board member during the formative years of the Sheboygan County Development Corporation (SCDC). Her involvement in the SCDC led to the development of 42 acres of new resort and retail properties. She has been the lead investor in several companies ranging from biomedical device manufacturing to scalable internet technologies. Her current community involvement includes the Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin; presiding as President of the Childrens’ Charities of Sheboygan County, the Wells Fargo Local Area Board, and board member of Spaceport Sheboygan.

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