Business Administration

Business Administration

bachelor of science degree in business administration

King’s prepares students to shape the institutions of the nation and world. Our academics merge theory and technique to develop superb, real-world business know-how. Our purpose combines prosperity and integrity for true Christian stewardship. 

business as usual. christianity for today.

King's Business Administration major prepares students for leadership within businesses across the nation and world. We study from a Christian desire to improve society and to surpass other colleges in both approach and purpose. 

Our academic approach considers classical management practices, while continually exploring hands-on experiences for a flexible, responsive understanding of business at all levels. Our purpose is our second distinction. We practice modern Christian stewardship and teach wisdom in prosperity, while encouraging the use of wealth in service of humanity.


Immediate challenges. lasting influence.
Top 2%

Ranking of King's Business Graduates on ETS Business Major Field test

Business students build on Core Curriculum courses, like economics, math, and politics, while refining powerful management and communication skills. 

King's offers a survey of challenging disciplines, like corporate finance, entrepreneurship, negotiations, and business strategy, that prepare business students for careers of influence.

Upperclassmen progress from studying established decisions to how we might make our own decisions and how they might impact our world, learning how to optimize performance while managing and inspiring talent. 
Final courses include top-level studies in law, venture formation, computer modeling, ethics, strategy, and negotiation, graduating students into successful careers. 

Graduating seniors in 2013 and 2012 were in the top 2% nationwide on ETS Business Major Field test, taken at over 200 undergraduate business schools across the country


From Wall Street to Your Street. Study Business Administration in NYC or Online

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King's Business Administration faculty includes full-time professors and current leaders of industry or administration. We work with executives, venture capitalists, and investors from Wall Street and beyond to prepare students for business careers in for-profit, non-profit, public and private corporations.


    from wall street to pretty much anywhere

    King's is in the heart of NYC's Financial District, so our graduates feel right at home on Wall Street — or in London or Beijing. Or maybe small towns or rural expanses beckon. Wherever career calls, King's students lead with confidence, expertise and integrity.

    real-world success

    79% of King's Graduates complete an internship as an undergraduate.

    popular internships

    National September 11 Memorial & Museum

    Enterprise Rent-A-Car


    JP Morgan Chase

    UBS Financial Services

    Worldwide Business Research

    what employers are saying:

    “The intern we had from TKC was the best undergraduate intern we’ve ever had at Worldwide Business Research.”

    George C., SEO, N. America & S. America, Worldwide Business Research

    • Sales Manager
    • Manager
    • Investment Banker
    • Auditor
    • Entrepreneur
    • Business Consultant
    • Marketing Director
    • International Relations
    • Investment Analyst
    • Sales Associate
    • Business Development
    • Consulting
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