Questions from Community Updates

Section 1: Current Status of the College

This year, The King’s College has been caught in the perfect storm of a slow, post-COVID-19 recovery, an economic decline, and rising interest rates. We are pursuing every opportunity to bridge the financial gap and keep King’s open and thriving. We are also in ongoing conversations with other educational institutions about potential partnerships that could help to ensure the long-term viability of King’s.

Please find commonly asked questions below. The answers are intended to help support current students and families during this time. If you have any further questions, please reach out to or if the questions are academic in nature, please reach out to Academic Advising (

When is King’s required to tell us the status of the school?

The Board of Trustees of The King’s College is doing everything in its power to explore all options and opportunities to keep the college open beyond this semester. No decision has been made to close the College at this time because we are exhausting all possible options to stay open. While we know that this can be unsettling and difficult, we are committed to ensuring students are well-supported through any outcome. Based on this uncertainty, it would be prudent for students to consider alternative plans for next fall if the worst-case scenario emerges. We will assist all students to transfer to an institution of their choice should that scenario become reality.

What details can be revealed about the possible partnership with another institution?

At this point, there is no secured affiliation, but King’s leadership continues to have serious conversations with institutions about potential opportunities.

Will there be any academic accommodations (more absences, lenient curves)?

Despite the uncertain circumstances surrounding the College’s financial situation, we are not planning to make extra academic accommodations for students at this time. We encourage all of our students to continue to make classes and schoolwork their top priority. Faculty are committed to supporting students during this season of uncertainty, so please connect with your faculty members if you need to discuss your particular situation.

Section 2: Potential College Closure

While no decision has been made to close the College at this time, we still haven’t secured an affiliation with another educational institution or raised enough funds to ensure that we are able to offer instruction in the fall and beyond. We know that this is unsettling, but we want to ensure students, staff, and faculty are well-supported for any outcome.

If King’s closes, what happens?

If the The King’s College Board of Trustees decides to close the College, a teach-out plan would go into effect once it is approved by our regional accreditor, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). A teach-out plan does not go into effect unless the College announces its closure.

One of the purposes of the teach-out plan is to assist students to transfer to another academic institution as seamlessly as possible. A teach-out plan is designed to provide clear and transparent information to aid in this process. It details accommodations and procedures to assist students with completing educational programs or credentials or transferring to a new institution.

What is a teach-out plan? Does King’s have one?

While the College is still pursuing all options for remaining open, a teach-out plan is a key part of an overall plan to close a college in an orderly fashion. The items covered in such a plan are dictated by our regional accreditor (the Middle States Commission on Higher Education or MSCHE) and the US Department of Education. Among them are written agreements with transfer partner institutions that secure favorable transfer terms for King’s students, actively assisting current students with transfer arrangements, providing for the permanent disposition of past and current student records, and helping to ease faculty and staff transitions.

In January, The King’s College communicated its recent financial difficulties to MSCHE. We informed them that while we were pursuing partnerships and fundraising efforts that would allow King’s to remain open indefinitely, we were also preparing to close as early as the end of this spring semester. Thus, throughout January and February, while simultaneously working on plans to extend the life of the College, we worked across departments to prepare a formal teach-out plan, which we submitted to MSCHE for approval at the end of February.

Once approved by MSCHE, the plan will only take effect if and when the Board votes to close the College. However, in order to make sure that students are in the best position to continue their education in the fall, we have presented transfer opportunities at a number of schools at the recent student program meetings and have invited more than a dozen colleges and universities to visit campus during the weeks of March 20 and March 27. Our Academic Affairs and Financial Aid teams are also meeting with students individually to help them review their options.

What transfer opportunities are currently available for students?

The academic leadership at King’s has been in discussions with several schools about transfer options for our students if the College does close. While students are welcome to explore other colleges or universities, the purpose of our conversations with these schools is to ensure more favorable terms for existing credit and financial aid should this option become necessary. Students should expect the list to grow as we have conversations with additional schools. The latest list of schools and summary of the transfer opportunity at each is available from Danise Stokeld (

Students who haven’t filled out the Transfer Survey and Waiver Form, should do so as soon as possible. Feedback from the survey will help us best serve student needs going forward. Please note: this is a survey/waiver; the survey helps Academic Advising know students’ plans to better support them; the waiver allows the College to share contact information with potential transfer schools. It is not an application to other institutions–students will need to go through the application process with the institutions they are interested in.

What does this mean for students with financial aid and scholarships?

The Financial Aid Office is here to support students and help navigate transitions to other universities, whether the College continues to operate in the fall or closes. Our Financial Aid Office is working alongside the universities on the transfer list with the goal of ensuring that students do not pay more than what they are currently paying at King’s, so as not to hinder their ability to continue with their education. Founders Scholars will be assisted on an individual basis. We’re happy to call any school that a student chooses to attend, even if it’s not on the list, to advocate for the best financial aid package for them. And we are available to answer any questions students might have about their financial aid. You can email us at or give us a call at (646) 237-8902.