Alumni Class Notes for August 2020

Christine (Trexler) Anderson was presented a lifetime achievement award from the Handbell Musicians of America, and Jonathon Seidl (’09) submitted the manuscript for his book on faith and anxiety to be published by Kregel Publications in Fall 2021.

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Christine (Trexler) Anderson was recently presented a lifetime achievement award from the Handbell Musicians of America. Christine says, “Though I finished my degree at Florida Atlantic University, I did attend 2 1/2 years at Northeastern Bible Institute.” Her website is and she is an Artist in Residence at The Master’s University. Christine shared the following notice from the Handbell Musicians of America:

From time to time, Handbell Musicians of America accepts nominations for and grants a special award known as the Honorary Life Membership, an award intended to recognize and honor a lifetime commitment to handbells, based on exceptional service to HMA and to handbell ringing in general. It is reserved for individuals of the highest caliber who have made outstanding contributions to the art of handbell ringing. This year, we welcome to the Honorary Life Membership roster Christine Anderson and Dr. John A. Behnke.

Christine was the one, with her published music, who put solo ringing on the map. She gave us music. She gave us guides. And she gave us inspiration with her ringing. She is a pioneer in her field and has given over 40 years to the craft of handbell ringing, composing and arranging music, teaching and mentoring others that come in her path. She publishes, concertizes, directs, teaches, and inspires musicians world-wide. And she does all of this with a grace, poise, joy, artistry, innovation, and humility that leaves the audience, ringer and student forever changed. She has published over 120 solos and 11 collections, along with several CDs and videos. She has brought handbells to a broad audience in 26 countries, all 12 areas of HMA, and in all 50 states. Not to mention her performances on TV and renowned national and international stages and festivals. She has served as performer, conductor and/or clinician for many guild events, seminars, conferences, and festivals, and currently serves as Area 12 Regional Coordinator for Central California.

David Walton (’76) is currently serving the Lord as President of Push The Rock, a Christian sports ministry.

Wendy Cronk (’87) writes, “Hello to classmates and professors! I was a member of the Class of 1987. Many years have passed and many events have happened too including the change in the buildings we called home. So glad our forever homes still await us and won’t be damaged by fire. Been busy working in a high school office for the past 22 years. Even though I received my master’s in Secondary Education/History, my health has prevented me from doing teaching full-time. I have taught History/Civics in Adult Education part-time and tutored individuals at home for those who were unable to attend school. I have also had opportunities to preach the gospel at my church, other churches and on occasion at ecumenical services. Would love to hear from classmates, professors and those who I encountered while at King’s. Please reach out to me on Facebook.”

Jonathon Seidl (’09) recently submitted the manuscript for his book on faith and anxiety, including how the church can better help those with mental health issues. The book will be published by Kregel Publications in Fall 2021. You can get updates by following him on twitter (@jonseidl) or Facebook ( Jon writes, “I’m so thankful for the emphasis placed on writing in the King’s core curriculum. I’m also grateful to Dr. Campbell, who let me swap my senior thesis for a writing project that included putting together the first few chapters of a book. That was invaluable to me as I worked on this current project.”

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