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Application Now Open for Meraki Honors Program in Finance

September 30, 2019 | Josiah Simons

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The King’s College is pleased to announce the summer 2020 course dates for the Meraki Honors Program in Finance, an intensive and highly selective 10-week summer program intended for top Christian college students from across the country. The Meraki Honors Program in Finance will begin May 23, 2020 and will run through August 1, 2020, with applications due November 30, 2019.

The Meraki Program is housed under the Business and Finance program at King’s and derives its name from a Greek word used to describe work done wholeheartedly, with creativity and attention. Michael Hrynuik, adjunct professor of finance and economics at King’s, serves as the program’s director. Before joining King’s, Hrynuik earned his M.B.A. from Yale University and worked for over fifteen years as an investment banker specializing in mergers and acquisitions and equity capital markets. Hrynuik designed the Meraki Program to serve Christian students who have a passion for finance and intend to pursue a career in New York City upon graduation.

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WATCH: The Meraki Honors Program in Finance at The King’s College: Where Faith and Finance Meet

“The Meraki program gives top Christian students a head-start pursuing their finance career in NYC and a blueprint for pursuing work in a Christ-like way,” says Hrynuik.

During the 10-week program, students will complete a 3-credit Faith and Finance course at King’s, in which they will hear from leading Christian finance practitioners and discuss how Biblical principles are applicable to everyday operations at each institution, with an emphasis on spiritual formation. The class will also introduce students to different financial institutions and each one’s role in the marketplace.

For another 6-9 credits, students will spend 30 hours per week in a financial internship at a leading firm in New York City. Placement will be arranged via video call interviews before students arrive in New York City. This paid internship will help to partially offset the cost of program tuition and housing. Grants starting at $2,500 per student are also available.

Finally, all students will be assigned a Christian mentor with whom to meet regularly throughout the term. Mentors are industry professionals who have demonstrated a commitment to their faith while navigating a challenging financial career.

Meraki inaugural class
The inaugural 2019 class of the Meraki Program (left to right): Ralissa DeJong, Noelle Hale, Andrew Hall, Grant Veurink, Andrew Bitner, and Professor Michael Hrynuik.

Noelle Hale (FIN ‘21), a King’s student selected for the program in 2019, shared that “The Meraki Program is a once in a lifetime experience. Not only do you receive exposure to the finance world with a hands-on approach, but you get to do so with a little community around you. I would definitely recommend the Meraki Program as it is a unique opportunity that allows you to grow as a Christian in the finance world, while creating lasting relationships.” Hale worked as a Finance Intern for CFO John Kendrick at NOBU Restaurant Group this past summer.

Grant Veurink, a Junior studying Finance at Gordon College, was also selected for the 2019 summer program. Veurink interned at Bay Crest Partners LLC, an agency-only broker dealer located on Wall Street that trades on the New York Stock Exchange. Veurink said, “Going to a Christian school, I had an idea and a hope that faith and finance can go together, but being able to see it practically and lived-out has been pretty life changing for me. I was able to see and talk with industry professionals who have created for themselves very successful careers, but also have been able to maintain their integrity and their walk with God.”

Five students participated in the inaugural Meraki program in 2019. This coming summer, the program will be open to up to 15 students, as long as they meet program requirements. To be considered for admission to the program, students must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.50, have a B+ or higher in calculus, and either be enrolled in or have completed a college class in accounting. The program is intended for students who will have completed their sophomore year prior to the summer of 2020.

Qualified students should complete their application before the November 30, 2019 deadline at