Career Spotlight: Carly Hoilman (’15)

PPE major Carly Hoilman (class of 2015) discusses her career goals and current internship.

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Home State: Pennsylvania

Current Residence: New York, NY

Current Employer: TheBlaze, Former Editorial Assistant to the Faith Editor

Brief description of your responsibilities: At the start of my internship, my tasks consisted largely of researching faith-related topics, promoting TheBlaze Faith through social media, and contacting influential faith leaders. I was also asked to conduct regular “news sweeps”—lists of relevant, interesting faith stories. Eventually,I generated topics for our Faith Experts series; compiled fact sheets for various biblical topics (e.g. slavery, marriage, parenting) and emailed several of the faith contacts I had found to give a scholarly account of the topic.

What are some highlights of this internship? My favorite part of the internship was getting to pitch and write stories, as well as meeting new people and attending special events. During the job, I attended two film prescreenings (The Conjuring and Philomena) and wrote reviews for TheBlaze. I also facilitated interviews with several celebrities, such as Valorie Burton, William Lane Craig and Joel Osteen.

How did your King’s education prepare you for this role? I immediately noticed how the professional atmosphere at King’s helped prepare me for TheBlaze. I believe that my practice with having to conduct myself in a professional manner at school came through and set me apart from the other 15 summer interns. My boss and coworkers treated me like an employee from the start, and as a result, I was afforded the opportunity to carry out non-intern tasks such as writing articles, editing web content, and conducting interviews.

Please describe past internships/jobs in chronological order: TheBlaze was my first internship, which lasted two semesters (summer and fall). I began the internship the summer after freshman year (June ’13) and completed the internship after fall semester, sophomore year.

What are your plans after graduation and how does this position fit into those plans? Moving forward, I would love to explore more opportunities in the fields of editorial (web or magazine) and broadcast journalism. This internship has verified my love for the media industry, but it has made me aware of all I have yet to discover. As of now, I plan on applying for summer broadcasting internships with ANC, Fox and NY1.

Favorite Books: The Four Loves and The Catcher in the Rye

Musical Interests: Orchestral indie rock, folk.

Surprising fact about yourself: I’m terrible with technology and I love snowboarding

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