King’s 2020-21 Student Cabinet Announced

The King’s College is pleased to announce the King’s student cabinet for the 2020-21 school year.

Student Cabinet Announcement
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The King’s College is pleased to announce the King’s student cabinet for the 2020-21 school year.

Student Cabinet AnnouncementElected in March, Colin Phillips (PPE ’21) will lead the cabinet as the Student Body President. Originally from Waterville, Maine, Colin served as Helmsman for the House of Winston Churchill in his sophomore year. Phillips is also a member at New Covenant Church NYC.

In light of COVID-19, Phillips says that what he is most excited for in the fall is simply “to see everyone again.” He says, “My goals have changed some since we’ve undergone a pandemic, but I still hope to focus on increased communication from the students to the administration. I’d like for my team to kill it with Fall Day Away.” (A day out of the city, coordinated by the student cabinet, will replace Fall Retreat this coming fall.)

Phillips appointed five members to his cabinet who will manage different areas of leadership. The Student Handbook describes the cabinet’s role as follows: “Together they determine student initiative funding, plan student events (e.g. Fall Picnic, Spring Formal), oversee student organizations, and address student concerns.” The new cabinet was sworn in on Monday, April 20, and have begun meeting weekly to prepare for next year.

WATCH: A short video welcome from the new Cabinet

Student Cabinet AnnouncementTaryn Cohn (PPE ’22) will serve as director of communications. She is originally from Riverside, Calif., and in her time at King’s has been involved with the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) Student Executive Council and the House of Clara Barton. Last fall, Cohn interned with Failure Island, an external media production company run by head of production at King’s, Cameron Danger Strittmatter. Cohn also attends Church of the City.

Cohn says, “I am excited about making the most of the cabinet’s social media usage next year. I really want the cabinet to be approachable and present for the student body, and what better way to do that than <~q u i r k y c o n t e n t~>?”

Student Cabinet AnnouncementBrent Buterbaugh (PPE Dec. ’21) is from Columbus, OH, and will serve as director of student organizations. Before his appointment to the cabinet, Buterbaugh served as chamberlain of the House of C.S. Lewis and as the vice president of the King’s Debate Society. He attends Resurrection Williamsburg.

Buterbaugh says, “I’m extremely excited just to be back in the halls of King’s and have conversations with friends again. It’s crazy how much I took that for granted. I hope that I can help student organizations thrive in accomplishing their goals, equip them to succeed in recruitment, and represent their interests well to the Council.”

Lydia Marlin (PPE ’22) will serve as director of spiritual life. Originally from Columbus, Miss., Marlin served as a spiritual life associate for the House of Corrie ten Boom this year and has been working in a part-time administrative role for the Navigators Military ministry for the past three years. She attends Lower Manhattan Community Church.

Student Cabinet AnnouncementMarlin says, “Because of our current circumstances, I am the most excited to hug everyone and fellowship together. I am cherishing our community more now than ever and I cannot wait to gather together at Refuge, Public Reading of Scripture, and other places to celebrate the Lord’s presence in our community and our ability to be together.”

Marlin adds, “I want to make sure students seeking spiritual growth and discipleship are able to find it. Our community is a beautiful place and in it, many come to know Christ’s love. It is my hope that those students are not left unseen but that we would be a community that catches each other, supporting them or leading them towards churches, mentors, or staff members who can walk through life with them.”

Student Cabinet AnnouncementDeborah Gonçalves (PPE ’21) is originally from Tampa, Fla., and joins the student cabinet as director of student events. She has previously served in House leadership as the scholar for the House of Susan B. Anthony and currently works on the Student Services team. She is a member of The King’s College’s AEI Executive Council alongside director of communications Taryn Cohn. Outside of King’s, Gonçalves led the social media team and events team for her home church, Ministerio Unidos Por Cristo, in Tampa.

Gonçalves says, “I’m excited about being able to help bring a sense of community to the student body. Given everything happening this semester because of COVID-19, I think we have the opportunity to help unite everyone at King’s with their peers. In my role, I want to provide opportunities for students to enjoy events outside of classes. My big goal is to work on creating a sense of community that so many are missing right now.”

Student Cabinet AnnouncementAisha Seay (Finance Dec. ’21) is from Austin, Texas, and joins the student cabinet as director of finance. In her time at King’s, she has served on the Executive team for The Table, a student organization of Black and Hispanic students that meets to support the minority populations at King’s and to engage the community with multicultural issues. Seay is a member of the House of Susan B. Anthony and attends Brooklyn Tabernacle.

Seay is most looking forward to “getting back to the King’s community.” She says “I have found some amazing friends here and I’m really excited to reconnect with them. Through my role, I hope to support this community by creating budgets that help bring us together through different activities.”

Please join us in praying for these student leaders as they prepare to lead the student body in the 2020-21 school year.

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