King’s Students and Staff Strengthen Caribbean Churches

The Caribbean Venture partners with existing churches to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Eleven students and staff of The King’s College spent their spring break sharing the gospel in a closed Caribbean nation as part of the fourth International Ventures trip to the Caribbean. Led by Jonathan Sheaffer, Assistant Director of Student Life, the team shared the good news of Jesus Christ to 202 individuals. By God’s grace, 152 professed faith in Christ, and many of these new believers are now involved in local churches.

Hosted in conjunction with East-West Ministries, the Caribbean Venture partners with existing churches already doing ministry in the area. Members of local churches introduce the King’s team to their friends and family to start conversations about Jesus Christ. “Sometimes these people have never heard the gospel before and sometimes they’ve heard it many times from their friends and family. After we leave, the church works to follow up with everyone and continue discipleship,” Sheaffer said.

Although discrimination against Christians is technically illegal in this Caribbean country, churches are often perceived as a threat to regime stability and many Christians are harassed. The King’s team encouraged local believers with testimonies and prayers. They also helped connect isolated Christians with church leaders who could support them in starting new home fellowships.

Students came away from the trip with a new appreciation for how God works to bring people to Himself. “For many students, this is a very uncomfortable trip,” Sheaffer said. “Our call is to go and share. You never know how a person will respond to the gospel; our job is to share it. ”

Christian Tegge (House of C.S. Lewis, ‘17) said, “The most meaningful outcome of the trip was by far sharing the gospel with those who have never heard it before. I was able to see God working in people to prepare their hearts to hear His word. Once we shared the gospel, we had to say ‘Your will be done’ and pray for those who did not want to accept.”

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