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Students Attend 30th Annual International Churchill Conference

November 13, 2013 | CHAD G. ABBOTT

For the last year, several students in the House of Winston Churchill have been cultivating a relationship with the London-based Winston Churchill Centre, an organization founded in 1968 in honor of Sir Winston Churchill. Each House at The King’s College functions as a student-led and mission-driven community, encouraging and developing students to live out the King’s mission. Houses are named after historical figures that function as examples of principled leadership. David Leedy, Dean of Students at The King’s College said, “Houses are dynamic communities that shape students’ lives. As an Advisor to the House of Churchill, I get to see this up close.”Earlier this month, the Winston Churchill Centre sponsored several members of the House of Churchill to convene with over 350 Churchill scholars and enthusiasts at the International Churchill Conference in Washington, D.C. Robert DeWitt, Jonathan Craig, Alex Price, Jason Craig, Josh Simons, and Sean Spurlock attended, along with Dr. Anthony Bradley, Dean David Leedy, and Dr. Joseph Loconte. Not only was the trip educational for the men of Churchill, but it also gave them the opportunity to become better acquainted with the Churchill community. “Our love and respect for Winston Churchill greatly increased throughout the weekend, as did our loyalty and attachment to the brotherhood of the House of Churchill,” said Sean Spurlock, President of the House.  CLICK TO TWEET ABOUT THE HOUSE OF CHURCHILL 

The Churchill Centre was founded in 1968 to “educate new generations on the leadership, statesmanship, vision, courage and boldness of Winston Spencer Churchill,” a mission remarkably similar to the mission of The King’s College. The students who attended the conference learned much about Churchill and his leadership. They studied the ideas that compelled Churchill to contend for freedom and stand against tyranny.As a young man, Winston Churchill would read four to five hours of Western philosophy and history every day, which doubtlessly gave him the foundation to become one of the greatest orators, statesmen, and authors of the 20th century.Among the highlights of the trip was the opportunity to meet Randolph Churchill, Winston’s great grandson, who sat down with House members over lunch to discuss Winston’s legacy. This lunch invitation was extended after getting to know men of the House of Churchill during the conference. Randolph generously donated a book of Churchill quotations for the House to keep in their collection of Churchill artifacts.”The trip was a wonderful success and our students are very grateful for the generosity of the Churchill Centre for making the trip possible,” said Dr. Bradley, the faculty advisor to the House of Churchill. “Our men are building a strategic relationship with the Churchill Centre, one that we hope will pay dividends for years to come.”

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