The King's College
Student Billing

Tuition and Fees

The King’s College assesses tuition cost on a per-credit charge basis, with a flat fee for students enrolled for 12-18 credit hours per semester. For information regarding how the charges and fees will appear on your bill see: Understanding Your Statement.

For the 2015-2016 academic year, the costs are:


For 12-18 credit hours $16,435 per semester. For less than 12 credits $1,370 per credit hour.

Student Activity Fee

Full-Time Students
Registered for 12+ credit hours: $200 per semester

Part-Time Students
Registered for 7-11 credit hours: $200 per semester
Registered for 6 or fewer credit hours: No Fee

Summer Students
All summer main campus students are charged a $100 student activity fee.

Enrollment Deposit

New students are required to submit a $250 enrollment deposit (refundable through May 1) to secure their spot in the incoming class. The deposit will be credited toward first semester charges.

On-Campus Housing

Students living in apartments provided by the College will be charged $6,500 per semester. You are required to submit a $50 nonrefundable housing application fee as well as a $200 housing deposit. The deposit will be credited toward first semester housing charges. See the Student Handbook for additional housing fees and fines that may apply.

Total Direct Cost of Attending The King’s College

The total costs will vary from student to student based upon the books and materials required for courses, the student’s personal lifestyle, and the distance the students must travel to and from the campus. For estimated Indirect Expenses, see ‘Cost of Attendance’.

Tuition (12 – 18 Credits)
One Semester: $16,435
Two Semesters: $32,870

Student Activity Fee
One Semester: $200
Two Semesters: $400

Total Direct Expenses
One Semester: $16,635
Two Semesters: $33,270

One Semester: $6,500
Two Semesters: $13,000

Total Direct Expenses with Housing
One Semester: $23,135
Two Semesters: $46,270

Audit Fee

Students may audit courses with the permission of the Registrar and the professor on a space available basis. Auditors receive no credit for the course and must pay the appropriate fee. Although professors are not required to grade assignments submitted by auditors, they may, at their discretion, require regular attendance and completion of assignments. Matriculated students desiring to audit a course must be in academic good standing.

Matriculated Students taking 12 or more credits No Fee

Matriculated Students taking 11 credits or less $90 per course

The King’s College Alumni $250 per course

Non-Matriculated Students $500 per course

Other Fees

  • Add/Drop Fee $30 per transaction
  • ID Card Replacement Fee $20 1st Time
  • ID Card Replacement Fee $40 Additional Times
  • Late Payment Fee $35 plus 1.5% of outstanding balance
  • Late Registration Fee $100
  • Returned Check Fee $40
  • Refund Check Replacement Fee $50
  • Graduation Fee $200
  • Official Transcript Fee $8
  • Course Material Fees $15 to $200
  • Housing Application Fee $50
  • Housing Deposit $200
  • Other Fines – See Student Handbook

Online Courses

Matriculated Students (eligible for Financial Aid)
$465 per credit

Non-matriculated Students (may enroll in a maximum of 4 courses without matriculating, not eligible for Financial Aid)
$800 per course

A technology fee of $150 per term will be charged to both full-time and part-time students.

For more information regarding online courses please visit the King’s Online section of our website.

For payment options visit: Paying Your Bill. For information on how tuition and fees will appear on your bill visit: Understanding Your Statement.