Understanding Your Bill

Billing Forms and Policies

Where to Find Your Bill
Initial semester bills are mailed to the student’s home address in June for the Fall semester and November for the Spring semester. As long as there is a remaining balance to be paid, bills will continue to be mailed out once a month. To find the most recent version of your bill, login to the Student Portal and click on “My Ledger.”Understanding Your Bill

This refers to the Academic term that is being shown on your bill. “FA” refers to Fall, “SP” spring and “SU” summer. For example FA-14 refers to the Fall 2014 Academic semester.


Traditional Undergrad Tuition – Tuition charges are generated automatically when a student registers for classes. To see the current tuition and fees break down visit: Tuition and Fees. Please note that changes to class schedules during the registration period may cause charges to temporarily appear more than once.

Student Activity Fee – The student activity fee is generated when a student registers for classes. All students registered for 7 or more credits will be billed a $200 student activity fee per semester, Tuition and Fees.

Course Material Fee – Special instructional fees may apply to certain courses. Course material fees may vary from semester to semester.

Room Charge – Room charges are applied to the bill by Residence Life through room assignments if the student will be living in student housing for that semester. Room charges appear each semester the student is in housing.

Late Payment Fee – A late payment fee will be calculated and applied to the bill by the Bursar’s Office on any outstanding balances. The late payment fee is $25 plus 1.5% of the outstanding balance.

Other Fees and Fines – Additional fines and fees may be applied to your bill. These may include ID Replacement Fee, Housing Fine, Late Registration Fee, etc. For more information regarding other fees and fines visit: Tuition and Fees.

Refund of Student Balance – If there is a credit balance on a student’s account resulting from excess financial aid funds, tuition cancellations, etc., the student will be issued a refund check. The date and amount of the refund check will appear on the bill under the description Refund of Student Balance.

For more information on student refunds: Withdrawal & Refund Policies


Tuition & Housing Payments – This term is used when a payment is submitted by cash or check, through the payment plan with Tuition Management Systems (TMS) or through the TMS Payment Gateway. Payments will be listed by the date the funds arrive in the Bursar’s Office.

Below are a few of the descriptions you may see on your bill that denote tuition and housing payments and payment plans. For more information on payment options visit: Paying My Bill. For questions regarding payments appearing on your bill please contact the Bursar’s office at 212-659-7200 ext. 3121 or email Bursar@tkc.edu.

Tuition & Housing Payment – This description appears when you make a payment by check or cash directly to the Bursar’s Office.

TMS Payment Budget – This description appears when you have signed up for a payment plan. The amount listed is the amount left to be paid through the payment plan. To set up a payment plan visit: tkc.afford.com

Monthly Payments through TMS – Payments made through the payment plan and received by the college will appear on your bill with this description.

Payment through TMS Gateway – This description appears for one-time payments made through TMS at tkc.afford.com.

Scholarship Tuition Payments – Third party scholarships are listed under this description and appear on your bill when the payment is received by the college.

Loan Payments (both private and federal) – Loans will appear on your account only after ALL of the steps are taken to secure the loan. For information on Loans and the application steps visit: Financial Aid

When all of the steps are complete the loans will appear with the loan type in the description. Once the College has received your loan payments the description will change to include the word “Payment” along with the loan type (e.g. “Payment-Unsubsidized Loan”, “Payment – Subsidized Loan”, “PELL Payment”, etc.)

For questions regarding private and federal loans contact the Office of Financial Aid at 646-237-8902 or Financialaid@tkc.edu.

Institutional Grants and Scholarships – There are a number of different scholarships and grants awarded by the College. If you have been awarded institutional aid, it will automatically appear on your bill.

The aid will appear on your bill with the aid type in the description. Examples of institutional aid include: Presidential Scholarship, The King’s Grant, King’s Scholar Award, etc.

Questions regarding institutional grants and scholarships should be directed to the Office of Financial Aid at 646-237-8902 or Financialaid@tkc.edu.

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