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Join the great conversations as we pursue truth and freedom together Hosted by The King’s College in New York City, The King’s Forum seeks to stir the great cities of the world by offering thoughtful and challenging conversations about ideas and debates that are shaping culture and discussing how the Gospel informs every aspect of society. Distinguished guest presenters will challenge audiences to think critically and examine ideas from differing points of view, so that participants will be spurred on to greater knowledge of their own faith and the faiths of others, with the goal of inspiring civic friendship and a deeper grasp of goodness, truth, beauty, and freedom.

“Water runs downhill, and the highest hills in America are the great cities. If we can stir them we shall stir the whole country.”

— American evangelist D. L. Moody

Previous Presenters

Dr. Billy Abraham

Abraham is the Albert Cook Outler Professor of Wesley Studies at Southern Methodist University’s Perkins School of Theology.

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Peter Thiel

Thiel is a venture capitalist and entrepreneur who helped to found and launch PayPal, Clarium Capital Management, and Palantir Technologies, and was Facebook’s first outside investor.

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Dr. Michael Ward

Ward is an ordained Catholic priest and a senior research fellow at Blackfriars Hall, University of Oxford. He is the author of the award-winning Planet Narnia: The Seven Heavens in the Imagination of C.S. Lewis.

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Rabbi Dr. Meir Soloveichik

Soloveichick is Rabbi at Congregation Sheareth Israel in New York City. He holds a Ph.D. in religion from Princeton and serves as the Director of the Zahava and Moshael Straus Center for Torah and Western Thought at Yeshiva University.

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Amity Shlaes

Shlaes is the author of four New York Times bestsellers, and chair of the board of the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation. She is a Hayek Prize winner and currently chairs the jury for the prize, sponsored by the Manhattan Institute.

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“It was a honour to participate in a King’s Forum event. To be invited to speak in the heart of New York City about C.S. Lewis on life and death, war and peace, and many other things besides, was a great privilege. The interview with my host, Professor Loconte, was serious and searching, the questions from the audience members were thoughtful and challenging. Put simply: such intellectual and spiritual engagements are what universities exist for. King’s is to be loudly applauded for what it is achieving on this front.” Dr. Michael Ward, senior research fellow at Blackfriars Hall, University of Oxford “If you are looking for deep input and for engaging conversation on issues that matter to faith and to today’s world, come join us at the King’s Forum. Take a break from the current conventions of discussion and be intellectually and spiritually refreshed.” Dr. William “Billy” Abraham, Professor of Theology and Wesley Studies, Southern Methodist University