4 hours 43 min ago . discussed spending our way out of the deficit on . Watch: http://t.co/dXiffZc6Qh http://t.co/QRPuCV9IOf
10 hours 17 min ago Two acclaimed scholars in one event: on Coolidge, David Davenport on the New Deal. City Room, 6:00pm. http://t.co/ezyJN7JCu9
14 hours 14 min ago RT : Up today at noon : historian Charles Slack on Jefferson, Adams, & the Misfits who saved free speech! https://t.co/77POOTvZgl
1 day 7 hours ago Hear Evan Thomas speak on 'Being Nixon', 6PM tonight in the City Room. Plus, snack on free cookies from Insomnia. http://t.co/C1qAS0gOy9
1 day 7 hours ago RT : Back on tonight to talk about why spending our way out of debt and deficits won't work.
1 day 9 hours ago . kicks off the Presidential Symposium. RSVP for another lecture: http://t.co/o4oULjWZsA http://t.co/xdnnu6AIoT
1 day 14 hours ago Lunch w/ Lincoln: speaks on Lincoln & the press, 12pm. Free pizza for all who register & attend! http://t.co/xb9EXo1OvF
2 days 2 hours ago NYT best-selling author Evan Thomas speaks on 'Being Nixon' - Mon. 10/5, 6pm http://t.co/ITy7Qarm03 http://t.co/IXKHkC0IKb
2 days 13 hours ago Adams, Jefferson, Lincoln, Coolidge, Hoover, Nixon. Hear the experts speak at our Presidential Symposium, Oct 5-7. http://t.co/ISVe72XEUz
3 days 9 hours ago RT : Amazing day with Larry Moody, PGA Tour Chaplain & alumnus of the year! http://t.co/IySGXum48B
3 days 12 hours ago RT : It's great for the Jeremiah Lanphier statue lobby - the man who began the Fulton St move http://t.co/yi2y2N0TSq
3 days 12 hours ago Congratulations to for today's NYC grand opening! We're proud to have 15 King's students on the team!
3 days 13 hours ago RT : Or are you enrolled at another college and want to study/intern in NYC for one semester? Check out ! https://t.co/qjjL32VZmj
3 days 13 hours ago RT : On October 5 at noon, Harold Holzer will speak on Lincoln and the Power of the Press. RSVP here! http://t.co/ANV4WD8pxx
3 days 13 hours ago RT : Glad to join to talk about U.S. companies moving jobs overseas. http://t.co/jg0L9TfAA8
4 days 6 hours ago Professor about to appear on . Tune in now! And learn abt the Business program he chairs: http://t.co/6fQJsWYSiJ
4 days 9 hours ago . on to discuss U.S. workers training their foreign replacements. Watch the 5pm hour. http://t.co/Bq7Dufg54g
4 days 9 hours ago RT : Here at 's preview before their big NYC launch tomorrow in Herald Square! http://t.co/exp7vcNzfU
4 days 9 hours ago RT : . ❤️ http://t.co/to0VnzH5K3
4 days 14 hours ago Coming soon to the King's community: the O'Keeffe Student Union! http://t.co/3cECsaQUGv