Why PPE?

The Core Curriculum

Read the literature, sacred texts, laws, and philosophical inquiries that have shaped Western civilization.

Why the Core Curriculum?

At The King’s College, all students complete the entire Core Curriculum throughout their four years of study to develop a broad and coherent intellectual foundation for principled leadership in careers after graduation.

We believe that students who aspire to influence the key institutions of society for the better need to know the best ideas, the most important arguments, and the most influential traditions. King’s students read the literature, sacred texts, laws, and philosophical inquiries that have come to shape our civilization. Within the social context of these developments, they learn the religious, historical, philosophical, political, and economic components that have brought us to where we are today. Students read the Greek philosophers at the same time as the Old Testament.

Most colleges and universities in the United States have a small number of core courses that all students must take, like a freshman writing course. The King’s Core comprises nearly half of the courses students need to graduate and spaces out these courses over all four years. We see the ideas within the Core as central to students’ academic lives, no matter what major they pursue. The Core Curriculum is an interdisciplinary, holistic approach to Christian education comprising the ruling disciplines of politics, philosophy, and economics in tandem with the traditional liberal arts—history, literature, writing, theology, science, and math.

Core Curriculum Course List

College Writing

Research Writing

Economics Distribution Requirement: Introduction to Economics or Microeconomics

Western Civilization I

Western Civilization II

Math Distribution Requirement: Quantitative Reasoning, Finite Math for Business, Calculus, or Statistics

Foundations of Philosophy

Foundations of Politics

Christianity and Society

Introduction to the Literature of Hebrew Scripture

Introduction to New Testament Literature


Scientific Reasoning

American Political Thought and Practice I

American Political Thought and Practice II

Economic Thought and Practice

Historical Theology

Advanced Communication Distribution Requirement: Persuasive Writing and Speaking, Cultural Criticism, or Business Communications and Presentations

All students earning a B.A. at King’s are also required to take a literature course. Options for that course vary by major.

*English, Humanities, Philosophy, and Religious and Theological Studies have 8 open electives. Finance majors have 3.

College Catalog

Course descriptions, codes, prerequisites, and specifications by major are available in the college catalog.

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Academic Freedom

Because The King’s College is committed to free and open inquiry, it guarantees all members of The King’s College community the broadest possible latitude to speak, write, listen, challenge, and learn.

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