Christian Formation

We aim to help students know Jesus as the defining reality of their lives, capture a vision of God that overcomes competing loyalties, and form a life built upon Scripture and belonging to a local church.

Deep-Rooted Faith

We focus on helping students develop the habits and practices that point them towards Jesus Christ, within the context of Christian community—both in and outside of King’s. We encourage students to belong to a local church and form upbuilding relationships within their House, with student development staff, and with faculty. Because we want students to embrace Christianity for themselves, rather than mandating participation we invite them to join in a rhythm of Scripture readings, prayer, Sabbath habits, and service to the City.

A Biblical-Theological Commitment to Unity in Diversity

Throughout Scripture, we see God working to bring together people from various racial and socio-economic backgrounds. This is central to God’s mission, not an optional addendum. Read what this means for the King’s community.

The King’s Liturgy

The King’s Liturgy is designed to define King’s as a Christian community and reflect the rhythms we celebrate within the global church.


Lectionary Readings

We purpose to read and reflect on Scripture as one community. Following the revised common lectionary, each week we read passages from the Psalms and Old and New Testaments.

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Liturgy Notes

Every week, a member of the campus community writes a personal reflection on a theme in the week’s lectionary readings. These liturgy notes go out to the community at large.


Public Reading of Scripture

Students gather every Monday at lunch for the Public Reading of Scripture, where members of the King’s community read aloud the week’s lectionary passages.

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Days of Fasting and Prayer

We hold dedicated days of fasting and prayer once every semester, with opportunities to pray in small groups and a campus-wide worship service at day’s end.

Church Involvement

We encourage students to belong to a local church through regular participation that goes beyond attending worship services. Fellow House members help new students make connections with churches in the City.

House Service Partnerships

The Houses serve New York City through partnerships with various organizations. Their current partners include:

Father’s Heart Ministries

New York Gospel Mission

The Bowery Mission

Next Steps Community Church (formerly Restoration House of Worship)

New York Blood Center