Student Life

At King’s, become part of a campus-wide commitment to love and sharpen one another.

Don’t Just Make Friends. Thrive in Community.

At King’s, we’re committed to creating a community that helps you grow, develop, and flourish. From the day you arrive in New York City, your House will be there to welcome and support you. King’s will help you build the deep relationships that make real community possible, supporting you as you grow in character, conviction, and courage.


Ten Houses. One Community.

House involvement shapes many aspects of the student experience at The King’s College. Houses are led by students and driven by a mission to support, encourage, and develop. Students build close friendships, join together to explore New York City, and grow spiritually and intellectually.

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Christian Formation

We aim to help students know Jesus as the defining reality of their lives, capture a vision of God that overcomes competing loyalties, and form a life built upon Scripture and belonging to a local church.

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Fall Retreat 2022

At Fall Retreat, students, faculty, and staff take a break from their regular routines to fellowship together, enjoy the outdoors, and grow in their walk with the Lord.

Winning house lifts house cup

House Cup

Shatter the limits of your scholarly, athletic, and creative capacities in House competitions throughout the year. The highlight of these competitions is Interregnum, a three-day academic Olympics in the spring.

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Don't Just Move into a Dorm. Grow in New York City.

The challenges and successes of living in New York City will simultaneously make you more humble and more confident, as you develop into the person God has called you to be.

Apartment Life

City Point

The City Point Residence is located in Downtown Brooklyn, only a fifteen-minute train ride from campus, and is across the street from a Target and Trader Joe’s.

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As a student athlete at King’s, you will have coaches and teammates who push you to excellence and strength, both on and off the field.  Student athletes are leaders in our community and are regularly recognized for their academic and athletic successes.

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Extracurricular groups introduce students who share passions and interests.


We offer a range of resources to help students thrive, from academic accommodations to databases that cover complex research topics.


Student Success

Excel in classes and develop the skills that sustain life-long learning through tutoring and academic coaching.

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Find the information you need through a robust periodical collection, thousands of printed volumes, and database partnerships.

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Career Development

Create a remarkable resume, learn to interview effectively, and build a broad network before you graduate.

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Access transcripts and learn the educational philosophy of every program King’s offers.

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Unity in Diversity

Learn how the College supports a diverse student population through its coursework, College-wide commitments, programming, and other resources.

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