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Earn college credit while studying the ideas that shape the world from industry leaders in New York City.

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Join us for Summer Academy 2023! Students will forge friendships with peers from across the country, alongside New York’s brightest thinkers and creatives, all while earning college credit. The King’s College faculty will guide you in dynamic class discussions and arrange exclusive visits to NYC landmarks. You’ll gain a biblical perspective on the foundations of modern society through tracks such as business, journalism, law, the arts, and more! .

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Full Track Schedule

Summer Academy 2023 will run for 2 separate weeks, each featuring two tracks. Students are welcome to sign up for either or both of the 2 weeks.

Week 1: July 16–21

Introduction to Constitutional Law: The First Amendment
Contemporary Theater

Week 2: July 23-28

Arts and Culture Journalism
Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Introduction to Constitutional Law: The First Amendment

Students will explore the moral foundations and historical origins of America’s Constitution and the regime of ordered liberty it established. In particular, we will study the “first” freedoms secured by the First Amendment (religion, speech, press, and assembly) and how the Supreme Court interprets these freedoms today. Students will immerse themselves in the topic by reading and discussing primary-source documents, hearing from legal professionals, and visiting historically significant places in New York City, the capitol of the nation during the ratification of the Bill of Rights. The track will prepare students to read and analyze the arguments in primary- source documents, familiarize them with the most frequently-used legal terminology, and teach them about the Constitution’s protection of the free-flow of ideas in a self-governing society.

Contemporary Theater

Students will dive into the heart of the American Theater scene by seeing three shows, touring some of America’s top theatrical institutions, learning about the new work development process in NYC, and engaging with theater professionals who work both on and off NYC’s professional stages. Students will leave with a sense of what it takes to succeed in such a competitive field, both as a theater professional and as a Christian.

The Contemporary Theater track contains additional $350 fee.

Arts and Culture Reporting

From the high culture of the Met Opera and MoMA museum to the pop culture of U2’s Bono and Marvel comics films, Professor Paul Glader takes you into the heart of New York City to learn and participate in arts and culture journalism in NYC. Study the current landscape of the world’s cultural headquarters and learn what it takes to be an influencer in such a competitive field.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

How do entrepreneurs identify new ideas? How can you be more creative in the fields of business and finance? Learn how you can identify and optimize kingdom-focused opportunities in our globalized world.

Week Schedules

The schedules below are from Summer Academy 2022. Schedules for Summer Academy 2023 will be posted soon.

How to Register

Summer Academy 2023 is open to high school students who are currently sophomores, juniors or seniors in the 2022-23 school year.


Summer Academy 2023 tracks are open to current sophomores, juniors, and seniors in the 2022-23 school year.

Summer Academy 2023 tracks are open to current sophomores, juniors, and seniors in the 2022-23 school year.


In person (residential): $1,950

In person (commuter): $1,000

*Contemporary Theater Additional Course Fee: $350

In person (residential): $1,950

In person (commuter): $1,000

*Contemporary Theater Additional Course Fee: $350

Application and Payment

Application is now live! Payment details will be communicated after we have received the application.

Application is now live! Payment details will be communicated after we have received the application.


Track Leaders

Paul Mueller

Dr. Paul Mueller

Director of Summer Academy
Joseph Griffith

Dr. Joseph Griffith

Constitutional Law Track Leader
Kimberly Reeve

Dr. Kimberly Reeve

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Track Leader
Paul Glader

Paul Glader

Arts and Culture Reporting Track Leader
Chris Cragin Day

Prof. Chris Cragin Day

Contemporary Theater Track Leader

Program Details

Acceptance Requirements

To be eligible to attend Summer Academy, a student must be a sophomore, junior, or senior in the 2022-2023 school year. Students who apply should be interested in journalism, business, economics, politics, government, or theater. They should also be academically oriented, as the program will consist of lecture, discussion, and activities that are geared toward high-achieving high school students. GPA is factored as a part of the application process.

Students will be considered for the program based on the strength of their application, and will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Applications for regular registration will be accepted on a rolling basis, so apply early and hear back from us sooner!

Student Expectations

Our community thrives on independence and mutual respect, so students will be encouraged to interact with integrity and character. Students at the Academy will have the chance to interact with King’s professors, other experts in their field, and current students from King’s throughout their time at the Academy.

Contact Information

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