Student organizations bring students together to explore, refine and share extracurricular passions and interests.

Student organizations serve under The King’s Council. The King’s Council, comprised of the 10 House Presidents, the Student Body President and his/her cabinet members, exists to shape the campus culture and empower student-driven community.

While the following student organizations are officially recognized by The King’s College – New York City, the views and opinions expressed by these organizations do not necessarily reflect those of the College.

For information about starting new organizations, contact Anna Wood, Director of Student Organizations, at For more information regarding specific student organizations, use the contact information listed below.

The Arts and Aesthetics Society

The Arts and Aesthetics Society exists to cultivate an appreciation for the arts among students of The King’s College. We help create environments where students converse about art topics and showcase their artistic talents. Contact Reed Stanton at

King’s Debate Society

The King’s Debate Society exists to train students to effectively advocate truth in the marketplace of ideas. We speak, study, and debate in order to confront the ideas that threaten the world, and promote those ideas that uphold the principles of the Gospel and the value of human dignity. We prepare ourselves for service to Christ and humanity in firm understanding that God is both ultimate Truth and Authority, and that creation will never be reclaimed by the wisdom of man. Contact

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Empire State Tribune

The Empire State Tribune is the official student-run newspaper of The King’s College. The Tribune strives to bring interesting stories and features to The King’s College community. Contact Bernadette Berdychowski at

Empire State Television

Empire State Television strives to equip our members with the skills necessary to succeed in fields such as broadcast journalism, video editing, and video production.

The Troubadour

The Troubadour exists to provide support and to foster community for the artists at the King’s College by giving them a platform to showcase their work. We publish fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and visual art on our website and in our annual magazine. Contact Sabrina Sanchez at

The King’s Dancers

The King’s Dancers is a community of passionate artists who practice and appreciate the art of dance. The King’s Dancers pursue creative growth, artistic development, and unity through dance classes and rehearsals at NYC dance studios and performances for the King’s community. Contact Keanna Irving at

The King's Dancers
The King’s Dancers


King’s Cinema Society

King’s Cinema Society is a community of filmmakers and creators who examine how to make good films and why we make film through both theoretical and practical application. Contact Jonathan Rothermel at

King's Cinema Society
The King’s Cinema Society


The King’s Players

The King’s Players exists to create and foster an environment in which students at The King’s College can explore and develop their talents in theater. Contact Abby Tilly at

The Click

The Click is a space for student photographers to actively build a unique body of work while also building solid relationships with the like-minded creatives around them. Contact Jennifer Ingraham at

The King’s College’s Republicans

The King’s College Republicans exist to engage students in politics through involvement in local campaigns and events. TKCR seeks to promote conservative values and foster relevant discussions about contemporary issues. Contact Aidan Gauthier at

Mock Trial

The King’s College Mock Trial exists to cultivate a love of law, oratory and acting, and train students to advocate for Christ on the world’s biggest stages. Contact Abel Tirado at

The Table

The Table is a community of Black and Hispanic students that meets to support the minority populations at King’s and to engage the community with multi-cultural issues. Contact Angel Boyd at

The Publius Society

The Publius Society exists to build community around pursuing intellectual curiosity, better self-government, and Christlike character. Contact Hannah Silver at

The Publius Society
The Publius Society


TKC Refuge

Refuge exists to facilitate campus-wide worship gatherings for the King’s community and to encourage King’s students, staff and faculty to seek Christ. Refuge takes place every other Thursday in the City Room. Contact Victoria Bevill at

The King’s College Rugby Club

The TKC Rugby Club is a group of King’s students who want to bring the virtues of honor, respect, and responsibility from the rugby pitch to the school. Contact William Bortins at

The King’s College Financial Services Club

Guided by our principles of humility, harmony and confidence, the King’s College Financial Services Club strives to encourage and prepare students to glorify God in the finance world. Contact Caitlyn Berry at

TKC Students for Life

The King’s College Students for Life exists to protect life with reason and compassion. We aim to initiate school-wide discourse to lovingly promote awareness of pro-life issues and facilitate opportunities to serve pro-life organizations. Contact Abigail Smith at

TKC Students for Life
TKC Students for Life


Cure TKC

CURE TKC exists to support CURE International’s work of healing the sick and proclaiming the kingdom of God. We’re transforming the lives of children with disabilities through medical and spiritual healing. Contact Mariana Pimiento at

The Celebramus Cultura Society

The Celebramus Cultura Society seeks to learn about, engage with, and celebrate people from foreign countries and cultures in our community and New York City. We also seek to be a language resource at King’s with our language groups that meet monthly. Contact Holly Kemph at


A resource for disconnecting to connect & sacrificing to share, one meal at a time. We provide workshops, lectures, and events to be a catalyst to encouraging and supporting the practice of hospitality. Contact Anne Carman at


Odéon, The King’s College’s creative writing club, is a safe space for students interested in writing, whether as a career or as a hobby, to grow comfortable presenting their work in a workshop setting and hear from authors and publishers on the career options for writers after college. Contact Elli Esher at

John Quincy Adams Society

The John Quincy Adams Society is a foreign policy group that provides a venue for our students to engage in discussion on global events and America’s role on the world stage. Through events like guest speakers, the JQA connects its members to experts in the field so they may grow both intellectually and professionally. Contact Jan Gerber at

The Frassati Society

The Frassati Society is a community of Roman Catholic students at The King’s College. We promote Catholic spiritual life through weekly Mass and fellowship groups. All are welcome. Contact Michael Napoli at