Student Organizations

Student organizations bring students together to explore, refine, and share extracurricular passions and interests.

Student organizations serve under The King’s Council. The King’s Council, comprised of the 10 House Presidents, the Student Body President, and his/her cabinet members, exists to shape the campus culture and empower student-driven community.

While the following student organizations are officially recognized by The King’s College, the views and opinions expressed by these organizations do not necessarily reflect those of the College.

The Bridge

The Bridge supports the AAPI population at King’s and engages the community with multicultural issues while advancing the mission of The King’s College. We seek to promote ethnic pride and model unity in diversity in the execution of its purpose. Contact

Empire State Tribune/ESTV

The Empire State Tribune (EST), the official student-run newspaper of The King’s College, strives to bring stories and features of interest to the King’s community. Empire State Television (ESTv), the video production arm of the Tribune, exists to equip members with skills necessary to succeed in fields like broadcast journalism, video editing, and video production. Contact

Financial Services Club

Guided by our principles of humility, harmony, and confidence, the King’s College Financial Services Club strives to encourage and prepare students to glorify God in the finance world. Contact

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International Justice Mission

The purpose and goals of the TKC International Justice Mission Chapter is to raise awareness on campus and in our community about the reality of modern-day slavery, to raise voices on behalf of the victims of injustice through advocacy and prayer, and to raise funds to enable IJM to bring rescue to victims of modern-day slavery. Contact

Investment Club

The King’s Investment Club is a Christian community of investors dedicated to educating and further extending their knowledge of any topic related to investing or trading. Contact

The John Quincy Adams Society

The John Quincy Adams Society (JQA) is a foreign policy group that provides a venue for students to engage in discussion of global events and America’s role on the world stage. We connect our members to experts in the field so they can grow intellectually and professionally. Contact

King's Cinema Society

The King’s Cinema Society exists to gather a community of filmmakers dedicated to creating and showcasing purposeful content that inspires deeper thinking about the world through a Christian lens. Every semester, we create one short film and then host a screening of all student-made films at the end of the semester, celebrating our hard work. There are no requirements to join! Whether you love to write, film, act, sing, or just think creatively, we would love to work with you. Contact

King’s Dancers

The King’s Dancers is a community of artists who practice and appreciate the art of dance. We pursue creative growth, artistic development, and unity through dance classes and rehearsals. Contact

King’s Debate Society

KDS exists to train students to effectively advocate truth in the marketplace of ideas. We speak, study, and debate in order to confront the ideas that threaten the world, and promote those ideas that uphold the principles of the Gospel and the value of human dignity. We prepare ourselves for service to Christ and humanity in firm understanding that God is both ultimate Truth and Authority, and that creation will never be reclaimed by the wisdom of man. KDS participates in multiple intercollegiate debate competitions during the academic year, going head-to-head with some of the best collegiate debate teams. There are no requirements to join the team. Contact

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The King's Entrepreneurship Club

The King’s Entrepreneurship Club seeks to create a place where students interested in entrepreneurship or the process of building a business can find community. We hope to create a place where students can come to ask questions, find feedback for their ideas, and utilize the resources the school and the city have to offer. Contact

King’s Players

The King’s Players exists to create and foster an environment in which students can explore and develop their talents in theater. Contact

The Mend

The Mend strives to actively educate the King’s community regarding all aspects of mental illness. Our goal is to provide a safe and supportive space for members as well as provide them with any resources they need to seek help. Please email for any club related questions.

Publius Society

The Publius Society, cosponsored by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, exists to build community centered on the pursuit of intellectual curiosity, better self-government, and Christlike character. Contact


Refuge exists to facilitate campus-wide worship gatherings for the King’s community and to encourage students, staff and faculty to seek Christ. We meet every other Thursday in the City Room. Contact

Student Athlete Advisory Committee

The Student Athlete Advisory Committee exists to further King’s athletics, and bridge the gap between athletes and the school as a whole. We support and provide a strong community for all athletic participants, as well as offering an avenue in which any student may voice their opinions on athletic matters. Contact

The Click

Click exists to help student photographers build a unique body of work while also building relationships with like-minded creatives. Contact

The Table

The Table is a community of Black and Hispanic students who meet to support the minority populations at King’s and to engage the broader community in discussion of multi-cultural issues. Contact

The Troubadour Art and Literary Magazine

The Troubadour Art and Literary Magazine exists to support and foster community for student artists by giving them a platform to showcase their work. We publish fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and visual art on our website and in the annual magazine. Contact

TKC Democrats Society

TKC Democrats exists to establish a knowledgeable understanding of the Democratic Party’s core values and how they coincide with the values of King’s. Contact

TKC Students for Life

The King’s College Students for Life exists to protect life with reason and compassion. We aim to initiate school-wide discourse to lovingly promote awareness of pro-life issues and facilitate opportunities to serve pro-life organizations. Contact