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Helping you connect and enjoy your King's experience, no matter where you are. Explore here for ways to be good, brave and ready as a current student at King's.

Student Services

We want you to thrive, not just survive, in your King’s experience. Let us help.


King's Weekly

Missed the latest King’s Weekly? Every Sunday the King’s Weekly is updated with upcoming events and announcements to keep you informed of all the campus happenings.


Who Can Help You?

People throughout King’s love helping you with the logistics of being a King’s student. Look here for who to ask about the King’s-things that may be on your mind.

Who to Ask Guide

Career Development

You are here with a purpose. Explore and build on that purpose through the resources provided by Career Development.

Career Dev

Health and Wellness

Whether it’s an in-person visit with our campus counselor or using telemedicine or telecounseling resources through TimelyMD, your overall well-being is important.

Your Health

Student Success

Success is about more than grades. Make the most of your learning at King’s by connecting with us for success coaching, academic advising, tutoring, and more.

Student Success
King's 101

3 Questions to Journal and Why

Journaling may not sound as cool as some other things you could do with your time, like getting a tattoo or running across the Brooklyn Bridge. But it’s one of the main ways I’ve found to make sense of life. And the substance of your life is one of the most interesting things you’ll ever get to cultivate.

King's Liturgy

October 11, 2020

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Stay safe

COVID-19 Health Training

The COVID-19 Health Training page gives you guidelines on staying safe on campus, at home, and around the city during the pandemic.

COVID-19 Health Training