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Online Learning Hub

Helping you connect and enjoy your King's experience, no matter where you are.

King's Online Experience

There are four touchpoints that you should bookmark to make the most of your experience with TKC Online.

TKC Online Learning Hub

The Online Learning Hub is home to all academic resources and information specifically for King’s Online Students. You’re here now!

TKC Student Portal

The Student Portal contains all the King’s students and their Profile and Record information. (This is not specific to King’s Online Students.)

Student Portal
King’s Online Classroom

The King’s Online Classroom is (a Moodle Classroom) where Students access their coursework and connect with their Professors; working through academic assignments and discussion. Each syllabus speaks to the custom curriculum and engagement to be realized online. The King’s Online Curriculum mirrors the New York City Campus experience in academic rigor and accomplishment. Your Online Classroom is a gateway to a King’s College custom education.

King’s COURT Online Learning Community
  1. The King’s Court is your Community for Online, United, Resilience and Thriving. We connect King’s Online Students in a Community to connect, develop and explore throughout their Academic Journey. This is your network for success and thriving! Tap into your higher self and what it means to become a Servant Leader at King’s. This Network awaits to meet you on the road of your Academic Journey and propel your Success now and in the future. We offer:
    1. Weekly LIVE Sessions throughout 1st Term
    2. CourtYARD Forums – where we discuss Your Actualization & Reflective Development; in open forums! We have spotlight achievements, in depth conversations and address concepts of ongoing development and application of our King’s learning. Your King’s Education is a prized and custom experience. We will log is, track it and set the table for ongoing personal and professional thriving!
  2. King’s COURT Social Yammer: Our King’s Online students are connected here on our own Social site. Here you’ll find events, informal discussion and connections with fellow King’s students!

King’s Online Student Services & Success

King’s Online Policies & Procedures

King's Online Policies
Accommodations, Exceptions, Leave

Student Affairs & Accommodations – Please read the following Policies and note: To make any requests concerning the King’s policies for Online Students need to submit their request to

    1. Accommodations
    2. Contact