King’s students communicate with clarity and grace, and they lead with integrity and excellence.

Don’t Just Go to Class. Embrace Formative Learning.

At King’s, our curriculum emphasizes both formative education and character building. Your classes will teach you how the world works, challenging you to grow as a person and equipping you for your future career.

A Hybrid Model

King’s Crossover

Maybe it’s never the right time to make a decision. Or maybe it’s always the right time. Are you ready to study foundational ideas but need the flexibility or affordability of online learning for the first year or two? Our King’s Crossover program is ideal for those who want to start their college education online. Crossover students get to finish their degree on campus in NYC without reapplying to The King’s College.

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Core Curriculum

The Politics, Philosophy, and Economics Core compels students to grapple with the texts that influence civilizations.

All students complete our rigorous, 18-course Core Curriculum to develop a broad intellectual foundation for thoughtful leadership in careers after graduation.

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Business Management
Journalism, Culture and Society
Media, Culture, and the Arts
Politics, Philosophy, and Economics
Religious and Theological Studies
Dr. Kreeft playing chess with students Dr. Tubbs teaching Dr. Kabiawu
Dr. Kreeft playing chess with students Dr. Kabiawu

Our faculty are renowned scholars and master practitioners whose faith and intellect work together in harmony.

Faculty Directory

Centers and Institutes

John McCandish Phillips

McCandlish Phillips Journalism Institute

MPJI provides education, training, and professional development projects for journalists at the high school, undergraduate and professional levels.

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Dr. Bradley teaching

Center for the Study of Human Flourishing

CSHF sponsors conferences, panel discussions, seminars, and more that bring together scholars, practitioners, and students to explore and advance the contours of human flourishing and civic virtue.


Center for Hebraic Thought

CHT is a hub and community for research, resources, and conversations about biblical literacy and the intellectual world of the Bible, hosted in partnership with the Philos Project.

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painting of Black church

Center for the Study of Christianity and the Black Experience

The Center seeks to increase our knowledge of Black Christian communities’ influence on the faith around the globe.

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Let culture, art, and history come alive as you study abroad with fellow classmates and professors.

Online Learning

Online Degrees - Earn your B.A. or B.S. degree in a fully online format

You can earn a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management or Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE) in a fully online format.

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King’s Crossover – Begin your King’s education online

Through our King’s Crossover program, students may take up to two full years of our signature courses online. Students will complete the rest of their degree on campus in New York City.


Dual Enrollment – Earn college credit while in high school

Through online Dual Enrollment, high school students can start earning college credit. Dual Enrollment also helps students decide whether or not they wish to enroll at King’s full-time when they finish high school.

As an online student at King’s, you will learn to think critically about the world around you, ask good questions, and engage big ideas.


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Free Online Learning – Enjoy a self-paced mini-course

The King’s College is happy to offer these complimentary, self-paced microcourses featuring our distinguished faculty. As an academic institution, we believe that education is for a lifetime, so all are eligible to sign up and start learning.


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Academic Resources

We offer a range of resources to help students thrive academically, from academic accommodations to databases that cover complex research topics.


Student Success

Excel in classes and develop the skills that sustain life-long learning through tutoring and academic coaching.

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Find the information you need through a robust periodical collection, thousands of printed volumes, and database partnerships.

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Career Development

Create a remarkable resume, learn to interview effectively, and build a broad network before you graduate.

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Access transcripts and learn the educational philosophy of every program King’s offers.

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Educational Ventures

Journalism Student Interview

New York City Semester

New York City Semester at The King’s College is a semester-long study-away program for visiting students in the fall and spring semesters with tracks in journalism and theater.

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Focus on We the People

Exploring the Idea of Liberty

Through a partnership with the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, The King’s College offers two online classes that explore dimensions of liberty from ancient philosophy through contemporary economic thought.

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Stock Exchange publicity shot

Meraki Honors Program in Finance

The Meraki Honors Program in Finance is an intensive and highly selective program designed for top Christian students from across the United States with a passion for finance.

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