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Journalism, Culture and Society

Learn the craft of storytelling from professors with decades of experience reporting around the globe.

JCS at King’s

The Journalism, Culture and Society major at The King’s College prepares students for careers in the news media and related industries by teaching how to report and write news, feature stories, opinion pieces, cultural criticism and other formats. We study the history, ethics, legal issues and theory related to journalism, and require each student to intern at a publication or media outlet before they graduate.

Student media at The King’s College—The Empire State Tribune and the ESTv broadcast—provide outlets for students to gain reporting, writing and media management experience to land their dream job. The huge advantage we have at King’s is location: students learn journalism in the nation’s biggest and best media market, a city that gives benefits to students who already live here.

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Every Journalism, Culture and Society major takes journalism-specific writing classes and develops a specialization in business/finance, politics, arts/culture or religion. Our foundation in the Judeo-Christian tradition enables students to approach journalism from the conviction that truth is necessary and knowable, no matter how hard it is to find.

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Areas of Study


Minors add specialty in an additional discipline, which can communicate expertise to graduate schools or prospective employers.

Business Management

The business management minor equips students from any major with a range of essential management skills, including managerial decision-making, project management, organizational design, and marketing.


The economics minor builds upon the economic training all students receive as part of the Core, preparing students for a career in business, data management, government, non-profit, and public policy.


The finance minor equips students to understand financial modeling, investments, and how financial markets function.


The History minor provides students with an interdisciplinary introduction to the key questions and methods in understanding what events, peoples, and ideas brought humans to the contemporary world.

International Affairs

The International Affairs minor provides students with an interdisciplinary introduction to the key questions, ideas, and institutions that animate contemporary relations among peoples and states.

International Business

The International Business minor provides students with a broad-based understanding of key issues in international commerce, politics, and economic development, and offers students the chance to explore opportunities in the global marketplace.


Students who minor in Literature will encounter a broad range of imaginative works, including the epics of ancient Greece and Rome, the history of poetry in the English language, the plays of Shakespeare, and a sampling of classics from Europe and America.

Museum Studies

In the Museum Studies minor and concentration, students will learn museum management and museology, as well as how museums communicate historical narratives outside of a traditional academic setting. This minor will prepare students to work in nonprofit arts management, educational programming, archival library work, or any number of related fields.


The philosophy minor surveys the central ideas of the major philosophers, such as Plato and Aristotle; Augustine, Anselm, and Aquinas; and Descartes and Locke, preparing students to read carefully, critically consider the implications of ideas, and make fine distinctions.


The Politics minor incorporates courses in political philosophy, American political history, constitutional law, comparative government, and international relations to prepare students for graduate study in politics or for a career in public service or international affairs.


The pre-law minor prepares students to read and evaluate complex legal materials through courses in constitutional law, literature, legal issues, and financial accounting.

Technology, Innovation, and Design

The minor in Technology, Innovation and Design provides students the opportunity to explore various facets of technology and its influence in contemporary culture while also pursuing some basic, highly-sought-after design and technology skills.


The theology minor builds upon the biblical and theological training that all students receive as part of the Core to equip graduates to bring the light of Christ into their careers and communities in ways appropriate to their callings.

Faculty Profile

Faculty Profile

JCS faculty are seasoned reporters, writers, scholars and journalists who have deep connections in New York City and national media industries.

The New York Times Seth Journalism Student Interview
The New York Times Journalism Student Interview


Business Journalist

Cultural Critic

Digital Media Reporter

Editorial Page Writer

Human Rights Lawyer

International Correspondent

Magazine Editor

Movie Critic

News Anchor

News Designer

News Reporter

Multimedia Designer


Press Officer

Radio Host

Sports Journalist

TV Host

TV Producer

Video Producer

Summer Academy


Journalism, Culture and Society students are required to spend at least one semester working at an internship. King’s JCS majors and journalism-focused students have interned at a range of media outlets such as ABC Radio, AmericanBanker, Brooklyn Paper, The Queens Courier, Backstage Magazine, Cosmopolitan, CNBC, Rolling Stone Magazine, Fortune Magazine, New York Daily News, New York Post,, EuroNews, International Esquire Magazine, MSNBC, National Review, Newsweek, OnFaith, Financial Planning, IndustryDive, First Things and Fox Business.


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McCandlish Phillips 4-year Journalism Scholarship

The King’s College offers up to four McCandlish Phillips Journalism Scholarships of $3,000 per year to incoming freshmen majoring in Journalism, Culture and Society.