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From the time students decide to join the King’s community to the day they receive their degrees, and even beyond, the Office of Student Success helps students make the most of their academic experience. Through academic coaching, tutoring, and the Touchstone class, the Student Success team helps students both excel in classes and cultivate the vision and virtues that sustain life-long learning.

Students can find academic resources including articles, websites, and videos about reading, writing, studying, time management, and more on the Student Portal under “Student Success.”

Welcome from The Director

As the Director of Student Success, it is my privilege to support your learning at The King’s College. Having worked with King’s students since 2009, I created the Office of Student Success in 2014 to provide students with academic coaching and support. I love getting to work with students, from Freshmen to Seniors, who come from a variety of different high school experiences and from all over the country—even from around the world. Helping you make the most of your learning experience at King’s is an honor and a joy.

In Student Success you will find a community of learning in the Touchstone course, scholarly conversations among students and peer tutors, and incremental courage for change through academic coaching. Please let me know if you have questions about the resources and services mentioned here, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to partner together toward success at King’s.

Jennifer Tharp |

The Touchstone Course

Touchstone: Academic Strategies and Vocational Formation is a course designed specifically for first-year students at The King’s College in partnership with the Office of Vocation and Career Development to help smooth your transition into the King’s experience.

Touchstone will introduce you to the concept of vocation, especially your vocation as a college student. You’ll learn the process of creative discovery and problem-solving and be equipped with tools for personal and community formation that will guide you throughout your college years.

The course is a one-credit elective course available to first-year students in Fall 2015. Some first-year students will be assigned to participate in the Touchstone course as a fixed part of their plans for success in addition to twelve credits in the fall semester.

For more information about the Touchstone course and how to register, contact Jennifer Tharp at or 212-659-7289.

Our Services

Individual coaching is available to students at King’s for three key reasons.

  1. Students who have a vision for their future experience deeper learning, so we help them learn about their strengths and consider the vocation of being a student.
  2. Students who manage their resources well experience less stress and learn better, so we help them find the ways that work best for them as they organize their lives within and beyond the classroom experience.
  3. Students who skillfully set goals achieve more success in college, their vocation, and their career, so we coach them as they develop goals and provide accountability as they move toward those goals.

Individual coaching sessions generally last one hour. Subsequent meetings are determined on a student-by-student basis. Contact Jennifer Tharp, Director of Student Success, to set up an appointment at or 212-659-7289.

Individual peer tutoring is free for students at The King’s College upon request. To arrange a tutoring appointment, contact the Faculty Assistant for the course in which you want tutoring (usually listed on the course syllabus).

Math Labs are available on a weekly and twice-weekly basis. See the comprehensive calendar for the day, time, and location, or contact the Faculty Assistant in your math class to learn more.

If you speak English as a second language and would like to develop your speaking or writing, contact Student Success at to learn more and set up an appointment.


Contact the Director of Student Success, Jennifer Tharp, with questions at

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