Rather than requiring perfection, The Honor Code calls students to learn from failures and choose the way of courage, sound judgment, and compassion.

The King’s College Honor Code

A student of The King’s College will not lie, cheat or steal, or turn a blind eye to those who do. Every student is honor-bound to confront any other student who breaches the Honor Code.


The Harder Road of Virtue

In addition to learning the ideas upon which nations rise or fall, King’s students are called to live with courage, justice, and self-mastery—to become people who do not take moral shortcuts, but opt for the harder road of virtue. This sort of character is necessary for students who hope to offer principled leadership in strategic institutions.

Unity in Diversity

Throughout Scripture, we see God working to bring together people from various racial and socio-economic backgrounds. Compelled by God’s love that drew us together, we commit to creating a culture that takes seriously the biblical command to unity in diversity.