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Your one-stop-shop for all things COVID-19 and campus reopening. Members of the King’s community may email with questions.

Let Us Know

Members of the King’s Community who display symptoms of, suspect exposure to, or test positive for COVID-19 must call the Emergency Phone at 646-242-4411.

What happens next?

COVID-19 Case Tracker

Total Positive Cases: 3

Active Positive Cases: 3

Total positive cases are reported for in-person students, staff, or faculty who become infected within 10 days of being on-campus during spring 2022. Active positive cases are those reported within the past 10 days.

COVID-19 Monitoring Rubric

This rubric defines the conditions that apply when a member of the King’s community:

  • has been exposed to a person who tested positive for COVID-19 (Quarantine/Monitoring)
  • displays new COVID-19 symptoms (Quarantine)
  • tests positive for COVID-19 (Isolation)


Terms Defined
  • COVID-19 Case: A person who tests positive for COVID-19.
  • Close Contact or Exposure: Being within 6 feet of a COVID-19 case during their infectious period, with or without a mask, for a cumulative (not consecutive) 10 minutes or more in a 24 hour period.
  • Infectious Period: The time frame within which a COVID-19 case is contagious (i.e. able to spread COVID-19) is 48 hours prior to onset (start) of symptoms (or positive test, if asymptomatic) plus 10 days.
  • Incubation Period: The time frame within which a person could become infected by COVID-19 after exposure to a COVID-19 case is 2 to 14.

Isolation Rubric

  • COVID-19 Positive Isolation: On-campus students, staff, and faculty who test positive for COVID-19

Isolation Defined

  • Call the Emergency Phone at 646-242-4411 for guidance.
  • Remain in an isolated location (not leaving or accepting visitors) for five days since the onset (start) of symptoms (or positive test, if asymptomatic), and exit isolation on day six so long as you have been fever-free (without using pain relievers or fever reducing medicines) for 24 hours. Once released from isolation, you are required to wear an N95 face mask (provided by King’s) and observe social distancing protocols at all times while on campus through day 10.
  • Classes must take place remotely (follow the Emergency Phone holder’s instructions to receive approval).
  • The King’s College will provide on-campus students with locations for isolation and will provide assistance with the procurement of basic needs.

Quarantine Rubric

  • Exposed Unprotected Quarantine: On-campus students, staff, and faculty who are 1) exposed to COVID-19, AND 2) asymptomatic, AND 3) have not had an eligible booster dose OR have not tested positive for COVID-19 in the last three months
  • Symptomatic Quarantine: All on-campus students, staff, and faculty who display new COVID-19 symptoms that are not normal to their regular ongoing health condition

Quarantine Defined

  • Call the Emergency Phone at 646-242-4411 for guidance.
  • Exposed Unprotected Quarantine: required to quarantine for five days since exposure in their on- or off-campus apartment, except when attending class in-person while at all times wearing an N95 face mask (provided by King’s) and observing social distancing. Individuals are required to receive a negative PCR or rapid COVID-19 test on five days after exposure before exiting quarantine on day six, and must continue to monitor symptom development for a total of 14 days (check temperature twice daily). If symptoms develop, call the Emergency Phone. Individuals may not remove their N95 mask to eat, drink, or present during a class.
  • Symptomatic Quarantine: required to quarantine for at least 24 hours and receive a negative PCR or rapid COVID-19 test between 24 and 48 hours after onset (start) of symptoms before exiting quarantine and returning to campus. Classes must take place remotely during symptomatic quarantine (follow the Emergency Phone holder’s instructions to receive approval). The King’s College will provide on-campus students with locations for symptomatic quarantines and will provide assistance with the procurement of basic needs.

Monitoring Rubric

  • Exposed Protected: On-campus students, staff, and faculty who are 1) exposed to COVID-19, AND 2) asymptomatic, AND 3) have had an eligible booster dose OR have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last three months

Monitoring Defined

  • Call the Emergency Phone at 646-242-4411 for guidance.
  • Exposed Monitoring: DO NOT need to quarantine, but are strongly encouraged to test five days after exposure, wear an N95 mask while on campus, maintain vigilant personal hygiene, reduce in-person social activity, and must monitor symptom development for a total of 14 days (check temperature twice daily). If symptoms develop, call the Emergency Phone.
COVID-19 Testing

Those who display COVID-19 symptoms or suspect exposure to COVID-19 should follow these steps:

  1. Consult the above COVID-19 Monitoring Rubric.
  2. Contact The King’s College:
    • Students, staff, and faculty must call the Emergency Phone at 646-242-4411.
  3. Call the NYC COVID-19 hotline at 888-364-3065 or visit to schedule a free covid-19 test.
    • If asymptomatic, test five days after exposure. If symptomatic, test between 24 and 48 hours after onset (start) of symptoms.
56 Broadway Campus

Health Screening

Guests are required to complete the daily health screening prior to arriving at The King’s College, Student Union, and DeVos Hall. To enter campus, present your dated Health Screening confirmation email to security, then have your temperature checked. Only one screening needs to be completed per day.

COVID-19 Health Screening

COVID-19 Health Training

The COVID-19 Health Training page provides guidelines on staying safe on campus, at home, and around the city during the pandemic.

COVID-19 Health Training

Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund and Community Fund

The Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) was established under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act to provide emergency funding to students for expenses related to the disruption of campus operations due to the coronavirus (examples include tuition, food, housing, healthcare (including mental healthcare), and childcare).

New financial assistance is available to any student enrolled on or after March 13, 2020 until now. All students are eligible and encouraged to apply.


What flexibility do F-1 Visa students have due to COVID-19?

The current temporary adaptation is that F-1 students who depart from the U.S. to continue their studies online in their home country will remain in “Active” status in SEVIS. This means that international students will be able to maintain their visa status if they choose to complete their studies online at home. To speak directly to a SEVIS Representative, international students may call the SEVIS Help Desk at 1-800-892-4829 or visit Study in the States. 

  • Currently, there is a strict rule that if an F-1 student is out of the country for more than 5 months their I-20 record is terminated. However, SEVIS will be handling these situations on a case-by-case basis. International students may want to consider returning to the U.S. within the 5-month time-frame so as not to risk needing to reapply for an I-20 (and potentially an F-1 visa). 
  • Maintain international student status and follow regular rules as far as class attendance, no working off-campus in the U.S., full-course load, and all King’s-specific course expectations. International students should keep the DSO team informed of any changes to academics, address, etc.
  • We cannot guarantee what travel will look like over the summer- stay safe and informed. Continue to watch announcements from Study in the States, the CDC, State Department, and The King’s College. 
CARES Act HEERF Student Quarterly Reports

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act signed into law March 28, 2020, provides almost $14 billion that will go directly to higher education institutions to support the costs of shifting classes online, grants to students for food, housing, technology, and other purposes.

The King’s College has signed and returned to the U.S. Department of Education the CARES HEERF Certification and Agreement. The King’s College has used, or intends to use, no less than 50 percent of the funds received under Section 18004(a)(1) of the CARES Act to provide emergency financial aid grants to students.

Student Quarterly Report

Did The King’s College receive CARES Act funding?

The King’s college has allocated $964,650 of CARES Act funding to be awarded directly to students as emergency financial aid grants.

How much of the CARES Act funding has been distributed to students so far?

As of September 4, 2020, $198,371 has been distributed to 185 students.

As of April 30, 2021, $396,742 has been distributed to 227 students.

As of September 30, 2021, $838,003 has been distributed to 286 students.

As of January 10, 2022, $964,650 has been distributed to 325 students.

How many King’s students are eligible for CARES Act grants?

Up to 648 students could be eligible for emergency financial aid grants after applying and demonstrating eligible expenses.

How did King’s decide to award CARES Act emergency financial aid grants?

King’s requires a brief, online application for each student requesting emergency grant assistance.  In addition to the application, we consider FAFSA status, EFC, remaining financial need and enrollment prior to awarding grants.

How has King’s communicated instructions to students regarding CARES Act emergency financial aid grant?

Students received information through our regular King’s Weekly email as well as specific emails detailing the purpose of the grants and inviting students to apply. The information was also communicated through weekly, virtual community updates provided by the Dean of Students.

Current COVID-19 Communication

July 15, 2021 Update from President Gibson: "Announcement: Preliminary Fall 2021 Reopening Plan"

Dear students,

I am pleased to share with you today our Preliminary Fall 2021 Reopening Plan. Our community has been responding to COVID-19 for a full 16 months, and all of you have played a role in the successful in-person and remote operations of our campus throughout this time. This coming fall semester will be no exception to the dedication we have witnessed, but it will mark a return to many pre-pandemic norms.

In line with the ethos of The King’s College, our plans for the fall are designed to foster individual decision-making and responsibility along with a climate of mutual respect. Our aim remains to provide students with an outstanding education delivered by our world-class faculty.

Along with the newly updated CDC guidance for higher education institutions, our COVID-19 Taskforce considered a number of important data-driven factors to determine the appropriate policies for our time together this fall. I outline below the four metrics that make up our rubric for reopening policies, the trigger events that would require us to make changes throughout the semester, and key highlights of the reopening plan.

Rubric for Reopening

Protection from COVID-19

  • Within New York State: Over 73% of adult New Yorkers have received at least one vaccine dose. This does not eliminate the risk of COVID-19 entirely, but a community of at least 70% vaccinated is one of the most protected communities from the virus because the virus has limited bounds within that group in which to spread. Due to this achievement, all New York state driven COVID-19 restrictions were lifted on June 15. There are still federal mandates for public transportation, large-scale indoor events venues, pre-K to 12 schools, homeless shelters, correctional facilities, nursing homes, and health care settings. Businesses and venues across New York may impose varying restrictions of their choosing – some strict and many others loose or nonexistent. It’s safe to say that things are beginning to feel very close to “back to normal.”
  • Within King’s on-campus community: I’m happy to report that with 86% of students, staff, and faculty responding to the Fall 2021 Reopening Survey, 74% of our on-campus population is or will be vaccinated by the start of the fall semester and at least 2% currently have natural antibodies to COVID-19. This coupled with New York State’s vaccination rate gives us great confidence to rollback many campus restrictions.

Active COVID-19 Cases

  • Within NYC: We track the percent positivity rate of COVID-19 infections within New York City, currently a low 1.43%.
  • Within our on-campus community: Of students living in campus housing this summer, only two COVID-19 cases occurred. We will continue to track all COVID-19 cases that arise in our on-campus population beginning August 16, which marks the start of fall semester activities.

Trigger Events

Before or after the start of the fall semester, if either NYC or campus infection rates rise above 5% within a 14-day period, or if calculations of vaccination rates for New York State or our on-campus community (when officially reported in the Fall 2021 COVID-19 Commitment) fall under 70%, we will evaluate the current reopening plan and consider making adjustments to mitigate any potential spread within our community.

Preliminary Fall 2021 Reopening Plan

The policies set forth in this plan were crafted to allow each individual in our community to responsibly self-govern while being mindful of the needs of others. Please take time to read the entire plan at While this plan will be finalized the week of August 2, it will remain subject to change throughout the fall semester. Here are a a few new key highlights:

  • Health and Safety: Students, staff, and faculty are responsible to evaluate their own risk to COVID-19 and to be mindful of the risks to others. Where possible, campus activities, classes, and spaces will be set with enough space that those who elect to be socially distant may do so. Additionally, individuals may elect to wear masks in any setting.
  • Health and Safety: Within King’s exclusive spaces (the Student Union, Lobby, 5th Floor, and 6th Floor at 56 Broadway as well as DeVos Hall), masks and social distancing are optional. However, masks and social distancing are still required by all individuals in 56 Broadway elevator banks until further notice.
  • Academics: Regular classrooms on campus will be arranged at the start of the day to provide 6 feet of distance between desks, with the exception of classrooms 626 and 628, which will be set with 3 feet of distance between desks. Desks may be moved by professors and students with the expected courtesy of returning them to their original position at the end of class.
  • Academics: Students in a College-mandated quarantine or isolation (as defined by the COVID-19 Monitoring Rubric) will be allowed to make up the work they miss, which, at their professors’ discretion, may involve remote access to class, a recorded lecture, or the like. Students will not be recorded as absent if they participate in the manner their professor provides.
  • Fall 2021 COVID-19 Commitment: Understanding that full participation is necessary to confirm our reopening plan, all members of our community will be required to complete the Fall 2021 COVID-19 Commitment by Monday, August 16, 2021. This commitment will include a question to confirm vaccination status. Vaccination is not required, but knowing the percentage of students, staff, and faculty who are vaccinated informs our campus policies, as noted in the rubric for reopening. Signing this commitment indicates that you have read and understand the reopening plan.
  • FAQs: Responses to questions or concerns you raised in the Fall 2021 Reopening survey are listed at the bottom of the reopening plan and are updated periodically as new questions arise.

Ongoing Reminders

  • Students wishing to request fully remote accommodations for the entire semester must complete the Request for Remote Access form by Monday, August 16, 2021.
  • If you have unanswered questions, please email so our COVID-19 Reopening Taskforce can address them.

Thank you for trusting The King’s College with your education and investing in our community and mission. I look forward to seeing most of you in a few short weeks. In the meantime, please be on the lookout for this plan to be finalized the week of August 2.

Yours In Service,
Tim Gibson

June 16, 2021 Update from President Gibson: "Remote and In-Person Planning for the Fall"

Dear Students,

I’m proud of your perseverance through the unknowns of the past three semesters. One of the most tangible facts of that perseverance is that 91% of you are continuing from spring 2021 to fall 2021, the highest spring to fall retention rate King’s has seen in the past five years. You are demonstrating grit and resolve toward your future. Well done.

It has also been an honor to witness the creativity and adaptability of our faculty. In a herculean effort, they reimagined their classes into different modalities in support of student health and safety, without sacrificing the standards of our world-class education. I am consistently grateful for their dedication to the King’s mission. Thanks to their efforts, we gained new expertise in teaching methods and proved there can be benefits to a hybrid classroom model. We also learned that it is exceptionally challenging to maintain a high level of classroom engagement when classes are taught to a mixed roster of in-person and remote students, and when that roster changes throughout the semester.

As we look to the fall of 2021, we are prioritizing the in-person experience while making a few exceptions for those who uniquely require remote access. I’m confident you will continue to experience the creativity and dedication of our faculty this coming semester.

With our staff’s proven commitment to support the mission of King’s, your dedication, and our faculty’s innovation, our community is living out what good, brave, and ready look like in the real world. While you await the release of our Preliminary Fall 2021 Reopening Plan the week of July 12, please read below for updates to our classroom modalities offered in the fall semester.

Changes to Class Modalities

  • Except in cases where professors have chosen to use a hybrid format for pedagogical reasons (see below), classes will be fully in-person, meeting twice per week for 80 minutes or once per week for 160 minutes.
  • We will continue to offer fully remote access to classes for eligible students (i.e. those with medical concerns or professional circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic).
  • In both remote and in-person settings, hybrid learning modalities may be utilized at the professor’s discretion. Students will continue to notice professors taking creative approaches to their classrooms to optimize the educational experience.
  • After Monday, August 16, 2021, students will not be permitted to switch modalities for their fall semester courses temporarily or permanently. Students will be expected to attend classes either all in-person or all remotely based on their approved designation and abide by the College’s attendance policy for their classes.

Fully Remote Eligibility

  • Students with special health situations or exceptional professional circumstances related to COVID-19 may request to be fully remote. If approved, remote access will be applied to all of a students’ Fall 2021 courses.
  • If a course is available online (asynchronously), a student who requests to be remote in that course will be placed in the online section.
  • Students wishing to request this accommodation must complete this Request for Remote Access form by Monday, August 16, 2021.

Campus COVID-19 Policies

There are a number of important factors to consider as we determine the appropriate policies for the fall semester, such as newly updated CDC guidance for higher education institutions, COVID-19 vaccination rates and infection rates within New York City, and those rates within the King’s community. I am glad to share that as of yesterday, over 70% of New Yorkers have received at least one vaccine dose, causing the state to lift nearly all COVID-19 restrictions. Additionally, the infection rate within the City stands at just 0.57%. These are encouraging indicators, but they are only one piece of the puzzle.

As we prepare to announce our Preliminary Fall 2021 Reopening Plan in July, it’s important we gather data from our own community. We also want to take your questions and concerns into consideration. Therefore, I’m asking all of you (whether you intend to be fully remote or in-person) to complete a mandatory Fall 2021 Reopening Survey by next Friday, June 25. The survey takes less than two minutes to complete and the more participation we get, the more informed our decisions will be.

On a final note, please be aware that our campus and operations will be closed the week of July 5. For over a year, your staff and faculty have worked around the clock to adjust campus services, restructure class modalities, and support the King’s community in the midst of COVID-19. Our closure of campus for a week in July is meant to provide all employees with much-needed time away from their inboxes and duties.

Thank you for taking time to read these updates. I look with confidence toward the Lord’s plan for The King’s College this fall and thank you for your continued participation in our mission to engage culture with principled Christian leadership.

Yours In Service,
Tim Gibson

May 13, 2021 Update from President Gibson: "Well Done, Good and Faithful"

Dear students,

Despite the twists, turns, potholes, and challenges, you rose above an incredibly unconventional year and succeeded. I know I speak for many when I say congratulations and well done!

My special congratulations to the Class of 2021. It was a great honor to celebrate you in-person during the 73rd Annual Commencement Exercises at the Commencement and Award Ceremony on Friday and during the Graduation Ceremonies on Saturday.

As our graduates become alumni, faculty wrap up grading, and staff prepare our campus operations for the fall semester, I want to provide a look back at the lessons learned this academic year as well as a brief update regarding this summer and upcoming fall semester.

Lessons Learned
Throughout this year’s journey, much of what you’ve learned has taken the form of lessons taught, but many others were much more subtle, lessons that were “caught.” I hope you can now take time to rest and reflect on three lessons in particular.

The first is adaptability. You know what it is to adapt in ways that are much more significant than merely reading in a book. You embraced the realities of attending class in a hybrid format, previously untried at King’s. By doing so you embodied what Paul wrote to the Philippians: “…I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content. I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound. In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need” (Phil. 4:11-13).

The second is the importance of those with whom you surround yourself. You chose the path less traveled, and you chose well. As the psalmist reminds us, “Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers. But his delight is in the law of the LORD, and on his law he meditates day and night” (Psalm 1:1-2). Your character matters, as does the character of those with whom you affiliate.

Lastly, and perhaps the most notable, is persistence. You have demonstrated remarkable grit getting to this week. You chose to endure, to finish well, to rise again and again as events and circumstances swirled around you. From Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians we read, “Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain” (1 Corinthians 15:58). You know the meaning of those words in more tangible ways than any of us could have imagined or planned.

Summer 2021 Plan
If you live on-campus or plan to visit campus this summer, please view our Summer 2021 Reopening Plan. We look forward to hosting more on-campus visit opportunities for prospective students in the coming months.

Planning for Fall 2021
As New York State continues to adjust COVID-19 policies, be on the lookout for an update regarding our academic philosophy going into the fall semester to be released in June. By the week of July 12, we will release our Preliminary Fall 2021 Reopening Plan.

We are cautiously optimistic about teaching in-person with fewer COVID-19 restrictions during the upcoming fall semester and are preparing to abide by updated state health and safety procedures once they are finalized. God willing, it is our hope that the fall semester will be marked by a return to more normalcy. Our aim remains to provide students with an outstanding education delivered by our world-class faculty.

I look forward to writing a more substantial update in the coming months. In the meantime, may God richly bless each of you this summer.

Yours in Service,
Tim Gibson

Information for Prospective Students

The admissions office seeks to serve those affected by travel interruptions, standardized test cancellations, or other complications resulting from COVID-19. We are able to extend deadlines, make accommodations, and offer alternatives for completion of applications. Please contact your admissions counselor for additional information.

Get to know The King’s College at our Virtual Visit page.