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COVID-19 Health Training

We Are Ready

As a good, brave, and ready community, The King’s College looks with hope toward our new school year together.

This page is a guide to help you protect yourself and others in this season on campus, at home, and around New York City.

Wear Your Face Covering

Face masks are optional while on campus. Here’s how to wear one well, if you choose to do so:

Start and end with clean hands
Wash your hands before putting on your face covering as well as after taking it off.

Cover it all
The face covering should fully cover your nose and mouth. Make sure it’s snug against your face with no gaps.

Keep it clean
Wash your face covering regularly with water and a mild detergent. Let it fully dry before wearing.

Breathe easy
You should be able to comfortably breathe while wearing your face covering.

If you need one
Ask for a mask at Student Services.

CDC Recommendations on Masks

Wash Your Hands

Washing your hands is common sense. Now it’s vital for good health. Here’s how to do it right.

Count to 2o
Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. (You can hum “Happy Birthday” twice during this time.) Be sure to use a clean towel or air dry your hands to keep them clean.

Sanitizer is available
In addition to washing your hands, make use of the hand sanitizer stations around campus.

Avoid touching your face
By not touching your face, nose, and eyes, you prevent a common way that people are exposed to germs.

CDC Recommendations on Handwashing

Keep Your Distance

Social distancing is optional while on campus. Where possible, campus activities, classes, and spaces will be set with enough space that those who elect to be socially distant may do so. Here’s how to stay safe around your fellow Kingsians.

6 feet apart
Appropriate social distancing requires staying 6 feet away from others. Campus will be arranged to provide for the necessary voluntary distancing.

Stay aware
Stay aware of your surroundings, whether it’s paying attention to campus signage or avoiding occupied areas where social distancing is not possible.

Goes well with face masks
Combining social distancing with wearing your face covering is a powerful combination in fighting the spread of the coronavirus.

CDC Recommendations on Social Distancing

Clean Your Space

Keeping our campus and housing clean can help our community stay healthy. Here’s how.

Clean often
Students may wipe down their desks with provided disinfecting supplies before the start of every class.

At home, too
Roommates will be expected to regularly clean their apartments, especially high touch surfaces like countertops, desks, doorknobs, and sinks.

Don’t forget your phone
Disinfect your phone, laptop, and other devices frequently. Alcohol-based wipes may work, though be sure to consult the manufacturer’s instructions first.

CDC Recommendations on Shared Housing

Stay Home If You're Sick

If you feel sick, stay home. It’s a simple way to get rest and be safe. Here’s what to know about staying home sick.

Be a good roommate
For the safety of your roommates, keep away from them as much as possible.

For now, don’t share
Make sure not to share items or food with your roommates.

Common spaces
If you must use a common space, wear a mask, wash your hands before, and disinfect the area afterwards.

CDC Recommendations on When You Feel Sick

Be Safe Around the City

You’re inevitably going to travel around the city (as long as you’re not feeling sick). Here’s how to be safe.

All of the above
Use the above best practices. Face masks are required by federal law on public transportation. Wash or sanitize your hands before leaving home and immediately after arriving at your destination. Stay at least 6 feet from others when possible. Avoid touching your face.

On the subway
Practice social distancing. Avoid rush hour to minimize the number of travelers. Avoid touching surfaces (kiosks, turnstiles, handrails, poles) as much as possible. Use hand sanitizer often.

Car services (Uber, Lyft, taxi)
Avoid touching surfaces in the car. Improve ventilation by opening the windows or asking the driver to set the air conditioner to non-circulating mode.

Shared bikes (CitiBike)
Bring disinfecting wipes and clean the surface of the bike that you’ll be touching (handlebars, gear shift, lock, etc.). Wash or sanitize your hands immediately after using the bike.

CDC Recommendations on Travel