The House System

Houses are student-led communities driven by a mission to support, encourage, and develop.

The Heart of Student Life

Student-Led Communities

House involvement shapes virtually every aspect of student experience at The King’s College. The Houses are led by students and driven by a mission to support, encourage, and develop. Students build close friendships, join together to explore New York City, grow spiritually and intellectually—and have plenty of fun.


Each House is named for a man or woman who transformed society through principled leadership. Your House will encourage you, compete with you, and care for you from day one. Learn more about these namesakes’ contributions to society.

House Executive Teams

Each House has an executive team to acclimate new students and encourage the whole community in the pursuit of personal honor and academic flourishing.


The House President is responsible for furthering the House strategic plan, achieving House goals, deepening House culture, and overseeing the members of the Executive Team. The President is also a member of the King’s Council, a governing body made up of the Student Body President and cabinet and all other House presidents.


The Helmsman strives to strengthen the identity and unity of the House by integrating first-year members into the culture of the House and by providing opportunities for community development within the House.


The Chamberlain promotes a community of honor, relationships within the House, and healthy living environments. They also provide periodic on-call emergency assistance.


The House Scholar is responsible for supporting and resourcing their House members towards academic excellence.

House Competition

Competition challenges students to commit to excellence and teamwork, while maintaining integrity and unity across the college.