House of Corrie Ten Boom

House of Corrie ten Boom

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”

House of Ten Boom crest


We, the House of Corrie ten Boom, are sisters sharing in adventure, pursuing truth, and thriving together.

House Values


The inner state of being which acts as a guard on our hearts and minds through Christ.


A condition of rejoicing, regardless of circumstances.


Great courage and strength of heart and character.


Ten Boom Tuesday


Bigs & Littles

Sinterklaas: CtB celebrates Christmas with a Dutch Christmas celebration.

House Retreat

The Tulip Ceremony

Feest: Dutch for celebration or feast

Bowery Mission Volunteering

The House Crest


The tulip is the national flower of Holland, Corrie ten Boom’s native country, but its symbolism goes beyond namesake heritage. The tulip also represents perfect love, which is found only in the love of Christ.


The fleur-de-lys, patterning the background of our crest, is symbolic of the Trinity, and emphasizes the faith and spirituality of the women of ten Boom. It also represents purity and feminine virtue.


The King’s lion signifies our being active members of the wider King’s community in addition to the sisterhood of our House. As a symbol of courage, the lion also symbolizes our admiration for boldness – a quality seen ubiquitously throughout the life of Corrie ten Boom.


Not only do our crest colors complement each other aesthetically, they do so symbolically as well, collectively representing the spirit for which women of ten Boom strive.

Navy is a symbol of strength, peace, and steadfastness, and also sometimes, sadness. Ultimately, the blue represents a strong spirit – one of resilience and peace through adversity.

Yellow carries the vibrant connotations of joy and happiness, and it represents hope, enlightenment, and energy. Yellow both contrasts and complements the blue in appearance and meaning.

Green, as the color of new life and growth, is symbolic of the desire to constantly grow, learn, and become new in Christ.


The Latin phrase, Virtutem Forma Decorat, translates to “beauty adorns virtue.” The women of ten Boom believe that true beauty is fundamentally grounded in one’s character and virtue.