Areas of Study

Media Studies Minor

Examine our society’s conversation with itself and understand how it relates to our public and private choices.

To study mass media is to examine our society’s conversation with itself. The Media minor develops a student’s skill at listening in on that exchange and understanding how it relates to our public and private choices in areas such as entertainment, newsgathering and life in our ever-changing democracy.  The minor offers students the opportunity to examine in some depth what the media are and how they shape our society. Students interested in opportunities to hone production skills in film, television and social media are able to do so by taking media and film electives.

Required courses

  • Persuasive Writing and Speaking or Cultural Criticism; Enterprise of Mass Communication; Media, Culture, and Society; three Media electives


  • Students majoring in Media, Culture, and the Arts or Journalism, Culture and Society may not minor in Culture and the Arts, Journalism, or Media Studies.

For full course codes, see the course catalog.