Areas of Study

Pre-Law Minor

The pre-law minor prepares students to read and evaluate complex legal materials through courses in constitutional law, literature, legal issues, and financial accounting.

The Pre-Law Minor at The King’s College offers a competitive advantage to students who plan to attend law school. Cultivating skills that will be useful in law school and beyond, the minor is open to any student, regardless of major. To prepare students to read legal materials, the minor requires students to take two courses in constitutional law: a survey course, and a more advanced course dealing with civil rights. Because financial literacy is highly beneficial for attorneys, the minor also requires students to take Financial Accounting and provides an opportunity to take Legal Studies in Business. Students pursuing the minor will be introduced to the careful evaluation of arguments—a vital skill for law school and legal advocacy—in Foundations of Philosophy, a core-curriculum course at King’s. Finally, the Pre-Law minor requires students to take at least one course in literature.

Required courses

  • Foundations of Philosophy; Financial Accounting; Constitutional Law; Civil Rights. Either Legal Studies and Business Ethics or Statesmanship. American Literature elective or British and European Literature elective

For full course codes, see the course catalog.