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Seek answers to the fundamental questions of the human condition, drawing from both faith and reason.

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Philosophy at King’s

The Philosophy major at The King’s College teaches students to ask basic questions about the human condition and to explore answers through rigorous intellectual investigation. What is real? How can we know? How should we live? Philosophy majors pursue these questions and more, reading historical and contemporary sources both in and outside of the Christian tradition. The Philosophy degree provides outstanding preparation for students who wish to pursue graduate work, including law school, and develops the strong reasoning and evaluative skills that are valuable in any career. Our location in New York City, like Athens for Socrates, provides rich resources for reflection on the human condition.

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By requiring courses in the history of philosophy as well as economics, politics, and religion, the Philosophy major develops a robust conception of the world and encourages students to integrate their intellectual lives with Christian character formation.

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Areas of Study


Minors add specialty in an additional discipline, which can communicate expertise to graduate schools or prospective employers.

Business Management

The Business Management minor equips students from any major with a range of essential management skills, including managerial decision-making, project management, organizational design, and marketing.

Culture and the Arts

Students in the Culture and the Arts minor study the cultural productions of world cultures and societies: architecture, sculpture, painting, literature, music, drama, religion, and philosophy.


The Economics minor builds upon the economic training all students receive as part of the Core, preparing students for a career in business, data management, government, non-profit, and public policy.


The finance minor equips students to understand financial modeling, investments, and how financial markets function.


The History minor provides students with an interdisciplinary introduction to the key questions and methods in understanding what events, peoples, and ideas brought humans to the contemporary world.

International Affairs

The International Affairs minor provides students with an interdisciplinary introduction to the key questions, ideas, and institutions that animate contemporary relations among peoples and states.

International Business

The International Business minor provides students with a broad-based understanding of key issues in international commerce, politics, and economic development, and offers students the chance to explore opportunities in the global marketplace.


In the journalism minor, students learn about reporting and writing as well as opinion, magazine, and advanced feature writing journalism. Students can submit to the campus newspaper and hear presentations from top journalists funded by the The John McCandlish Phillips Journalism Institute.


Students who minor in Literature will encounter a broad range of imaginative works, including the epics of ancient Greece and Rome, the history of poetry in the English language, the plays of Shakespeare, and a sampling of classics from Europe and America.

Media Studies

The media studies minor trains students to examine our society’s conversation with itself and understand how it relates to our public and private choices in areas such as entertainment, newsgathering and life in our ever-changing democracy.

Museum Studies

In the Museum Studies minor and concentration, students will learn museum management and museology, as well as how museums communicate historical narratives outside of a traditional academic setting. This minor will prepare students to work in nonprofit arts management, educational programming, archival library work, or any number of related fields.


The Politics minor incorporates courses in political philosophy, American political history, constitutional law, comparative government, and international relations to prepare students for graduate study in politics or for a career in public service or international affairs.


The pre-law minor prepares students to read and evaluate complex legal materials through courses in constitutional law, literature, legal issues, and financial accounting.

Technology, Innovation, and Design

The minor in Technology, Innovation and Design provides students the opportunity to explore various facets of technology and its influence in contemporary culture while also pursuing some basic, highly-sought-after design and technology skills.


The theology minor builds upon the biblical and theological training that all students receive as part of the Core to equip graduates to bring the light of Christ into their careers and communities in ways appropriate to their callings.

Faculty Profiles

Faculty Profiles

Philosophy faculty members regularly publish and present their research in topics from apologetics to epistemology, from metaphysics to philosophy of science.

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New Student Orientation Information Fair Faculty and student speaking








Nonprofit Director



Public Interest Lawyer

Opinion Columnist


Social Worker


Think Tank Researcher

University Administrator


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