Areas of Study

Literature Minor

Reading original works by great writers in the Western tradition.

The Literature Minor emphasizes reading original works by great writers in the Western tradition. Students who minor in Literature will encounter a broad range of imaginative works, including the epics of ancient Greece and Rome, the history of poetry in the English language, the plays of Shakespeare, and a sampling of classics from Europe and America.

As Christian scholars, literature teachers at King’s embrace a strategy of ethical reading that respects the insights of literary theory but affirms that texts can convey meaning, takes history and social context into account, and helps students enter fully into the inventive worlds of great authors to gain insight into the human condition.

Required courses

  • Western Civilization II; Classical Literature; Shakespeare; English and American Poetry; American Literature elective; British or European Literature elective


  • Students majoring in Humanities may not minor in History, Literature, or Philosophy.
  • Students majoring in English may not minor in Culture and the Arts or Literature.

For full course codes, see the course catalog.