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Religious and Theological Studies

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The Religious and Theological Studies major challenges students to think critically about a wide range of texts and topics through a theological lens. The program’s distinctive mixture of philosophy, biblical studies, religion, theology, and humanities shapes students into skilled generalists, prepared for a wide range of graduate programs or professions including law, film, nonprofit leadership, education, media and communications, business, public policy, ministry, and many others. The program offers three concentrations and twelve minors for specific career tracks.


With this Religious Studies degree in New York City, students gain an understanding of the biblical basis of theology, the history and impact of theology upon the contemporary world, and the formal study of comparative religion. This program encompasses a range of disciplines, from the historical traditions of philosophy, theology, and biblical studies to the study of public policy, anthropology, and religion.

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When pursuing this Religious and Theological Studies degree in New York City, students build a foundation by studying the Core Curriculum, then move on to intensive, challenging courses that span the history of Hebraic and Christian thought, hermeneutics, comparative religions, apologetics, and cultural interpretation; as well as biblical, systematic, and contemporary theology. 


The Religious and Theological Studies faculty is comprised of full-time professors who have distinguished themselves in their fields and visiting and adjunct professors who work in challenging and influential positions.

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Andrew Johnson

Dr. Dru Johnson, Associate Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies

Your Future with RTS

Your RTS degree will position you well for to work for a non-profit, a private enterprise, or graduate school. For example, religious studies majors nationwide outperform politics majors on the LSAT (Law School Admissions Test), earning the second highest average scores on the test, behind only Physics/Math majors.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeline Albright highlights our country’s need for religious studies majors, saying that the failure of Americans to understand other religions “poses one of the great challenges to our public diplomacy.”

With your RTS degree, you will rise to meet this challenge.

The program offers three concentrations and twelve minors for specific career tracks.

Popular Internships
Grace and Mercy Foundation


Central Presbyterian Church

Galilea Fellowship (Israel)

Brooklyn Arab American Friendship Center


These are the kinds of jobs that people who major in Religious and Theological Studies get:

Campus Minister
Children’s and Youth Minister
Business and Non-Profit Consultant
Non-profit Fundraising
Non-profit Program Manager/Officer
US State Department Diplomat
Human Resources Coordinator
Newspaper and Magazine Journalist
Museum Curator
Public Policy Analyst
Social Worker
Research Assistant
Research Fellow
Middle School and High School Teacher
Volunteer Coordinator
United Nations Program Officer

Featured Profiles

Michael Terry

Michael Terry
RTS Dec ’19
Intern, Central Presbyterian Church

After spending two years serving in the children’s ministry at Central Presbyterian Church, Michael Terry sought out an expanded role by applying for an internship at the church. Michael says, “The church fathers talked emphatically about the church being an active, unified body. This internship is an opportunity to learn what that tangibly means by involving myself in multiple areas of Central’s ministry.” Through the internship, Michael is taking a more hands-on role in children’s worship and helps to facilitate the church’s Wednesday after-school program. He sees this work as far more than childcare. Rather, it is an opportunity to demonstrate the fruits of the Holy Spirit and show the children the joy of receiving God’s love.

Isabella Meibauer

Isabella (Jordan) Meibauer
RTS Dec ’17
J.D. Candidate, Regent University School of Law

The internship component of the Religious and Theological Studies major spurred Isabella (Jordan) Meibauer to work with two nonprofits during her studies at King’s. At one internship, she helped provide legal assistance to immigrants; at the other, she taught English as a Second Language to refugees. “My work with immigration re-sparked my interest in law as I realized the need for more people to actually be able to represent immigrants, not just help them to fill out forms,” Isabella says.

In her senior year, Isabella applied to and was accepted for a Fulbright Teaching Assistantship to Malaysia. She ultimately decided to decline the Fulbright and begin law school at Regent, close to the Navy base where her husband is stationed. She credits the King’s faculty for preparing her well for the rigor of the law program. After passing the bar, Isabella hopes to return to New York to practice in either immigration or international law.

Jordan Chin

Jordan Chin
RTS Dec ’18
Community Resource Coordinator, The Rescue Alliance

As a community resource coordinator for The Rescue Alliance, Jordan helps to connect churches, state and non-profit leaders, and local businesses to faith-based organizations serving individuals experiencing homelessness in New York City. He sees this work as “engaging with our homeless neighbors in a compassionate way that is not stigmatizing and which dignifies them.” Jordan says that the interdisciplinary approach of the Religious and Theological Studies major has been crucial in helping him navigate the diverse perspectives he meets in his work. He says, “Everyone is different, whether we are talking about interdenominational or interfaith (or no faith) organizations, but the issues remain the same and the solution is to work together.”