Why Did I Choose The King’s College?

There is no better time than now, when our world is going through so much change and hardship, to challenge yourself to have a different college experience.

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Choosing a college is a big deal. The college you decide to attend impacts many things in your life, determining where you live, who you will meet, and how your character will be shaped by the mission and vision of the college you choose to attend. Last summer, in the midst of a particularly tough year, I needed to make the decision of which college I wanted to attend. After I considered these three factors, I realized I couldn’t choose any other college besides The King’s College.

First, King’s is located in NYC–an important and strategic city. It was particularly important for me to come to NYC as I am a business major and I have always had a vision of working in a business which has an international vision of operation. I also really wanted to come to NYC as I am the type of person who is always on the move and always looking for things to do, which is something that NYC offers like no other city in the world. Not only is the college based in one of the greatest cities in the world but also in one of the most important parts of the city: the Financial District. This is a place which helps students strive for greatness and dream big as they walk beside the tall buildings on their way to class each day.

Second, I met many amazing people during my visit to King’s at the beginning of last year. Within an hour of being on campus, I could already feel how welcoming everyone was–not only to me but to each person that walked past them. Two of the King’s students I met on that visit, Ben and Sam, welcomed me to their apartment and shared about the college and their experiences as students. They truly showed me what King’s is all about by being very genuine. My conversations with Ben and others over the subsequent months made me feel extremely excited about going to King’s. I knew I was not going to be alone on my college journey when King’s has so many genuine people that want the best for you and want to help you in every way possible.

Third, I knew that having a unique college experience is something that can be extremely important. I remembered how on the campus tour that I took at King’s, one of the students who gave me the tour mentioned that King’s is known for shaping the character of its students through their mission and vision. He also said that King’s is not only different in the way it teaches by having a close student to professor relationship, but most importantly, it teaches students through a Christian worldview which prepares them to lead strategic institutions in a way which our world truly needs. I noticed that this was something which King’s prided themselves on and it made me eager to join an institution where the students are ready to give up a traditional college experience for true personal growth.

I am overjoyed that I made the decision to go to King’s! There is no better time than now, when our world is going through so much change and hardship, to challenge yourself to have a different college experience. King’s provides that different college experience, where you can surround yourself with people striving for excellence; where your campus is a city full of endless opportunities; and where your character will be shaped into your best self. Don’t just go to college; come to King’s.

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