Career Development

Career Development

career prep for real-world success

The Office of Career Development has a clear mission – to prepare students for a meaningful career that manifests the honor, professional skills, and the intellectual facility we develop at King’s. Students use tools and listen to advice from caring faculty in order to develop a plan that suits individual, long-term career goals.

career spotlights

  • Chris Hanson, 2015

    Disney College Program
  • Maddie Whitlock, 2014

    Social Purpose Intern at Brooks Brothers
  • Elizabeth Ferguson, 2013

    Assistant Copy Editor at The New York Post

our services

start with the basics

Workshops teach students the basics of working life — how to write and address a resume and cover letter, what to say or avoid in interviews and how to manage professional etiquette. It’s a crash course with important details and a great way to show advisors strength of intent before private, more focused consultations.

Powerful Opportunities

The King’s College offers powerful opportunities to meet representatives from companies and organizations in New York City and beyond. Seminars and presentations teach students about the working goals, cultural expectations and final outcomes of news from prospective employers. Bookmark our calendar to stay up to date on these exclusive talks. Prospective speakers, please see Employers.

Plan Your Career

The Office of Career Development schedules consultations with underclassmen exploring career interests and upperclassmen sealing internships or jobs. Get help planning a career and hear feedback on resumes and interview experiences. Attendance at a resume seminar and a first draft of a resume are required for consultations. Career Tools offers seminar sign-up and resume help.

Join a workshop or seminar or schedule a consultation to jump start your career.

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jobs & internships

Use our resources to find the perfect job. Social pages, listings and bulletins are available and regularly updated.

career tools

get individualized tools to help land jobs and internships.

King's Career Tools teach students how to navigate the world of job-hunting with the same level of knowledge and confidence earned during academic lessons.

Try Career Tools right now. set up an appointment with the director to learn how to get the most out of career tools. make an appointment

graduate schools

Graduate school is a big decision. The amount of time and money graduate students commit is only for the strong of heart and mind, but the success could be immeasurable. Some careers require advanced degrees — others simply pay significantly more to those bold enough to obtain one.

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for employers

employers, find new york's most eligible candidates.

The Office of Career Development is pleased to help connect prospective employers with King's students and recent graduates for internships and full-time work. We welcome presentations and seminars hosted by professional leaders and representatives, too. Please let us know how we can kickstart a meaningful relationship through job placement or discussion opportunities.

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