This spring, The King’s College, in partnership with East-West ministries, will offer its fourth International Ventures trip to the Caribbean, a place with a drastically different political climate than the United States’. Once a hub of American tourism and trade, the door to the Caribbean has been closed for years. The first signs of renewal are emerging, but many people still lack basic necessities and propaganda is rampant. Strict control of church activities and repression of religious freedom plagues the area. Although discrimination against Christians is technically illegal, many are harassed, and growing churches are often perceived as a threat to regime stability.

Over spring break, Jonathan Sheaffer will lead a team of eleven students and staff to the Caribbean. Students will partner with local church members to share the Gospel within their communities.

Type of Opportunity: Missions, No Credit

Eligibility: Contact Jonathan Sheaffer at

Trip Dates: March 3-10, 2018 (spring break)

Deadline: Application is due October 2 (here); $200 deposit is due December 4

Cost: Approximately $2,600. Final cost will be based on team size and booking costs. This amount does not cover passport, support-raising supplies, or personal spending money.

Contact: Jonathan Sheaffer at