Dr. David Tubbs

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Dr. David Tubbs

Associate Professor of Politics

  • Tenure at King's: Aug. 2005 to Present

    DTubbs@tkc.edu | 212-659-0737

  • Ph.D. Politics,

    Princeton University, 2001

  • M.A. Politics

    Princeton University, 1992

  • B.A. Political Science

    Pennsylvania State University, 1987

"The students at King's are a joy to teach, and they deserve much credit for contributing to such an intellectually vibrant atmosphere in the classroom."

Professor David Tubbs earned his PhD. in politics at Princeton University, concentrating in political philosophy, constitutional law, and Russian studies. After receiving his doctorate in 2001, he spent academic year 2002-03 teaching in the Program in International Relations at Irkutsk State University in Irkutsk, Russia. From October 2003 to December 2004, he was the W.H. Brady Visiting Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. He began teaching at King’s in August 2005.

In his scholarship, Professor Tubbs writes on topics in political philosophy and constitutional law and contemporary controversies in public policy. His book, Freedom’s Orphans, was published by Princeton University Press in 2007. His shorter essays and book reviews have appeared in publications such as the Los Angeles Times, Academic Questions, Public Discourse, Touchstone, First Things, National Review, the American Spectator, and the New Criterion. Professor Tubbs teaches six different courses at King’s: Constitutional Law; Public Policy; Statesmanship; Enlightenment and Liberal Democracy; Foundations of Politics; and Civil Rights. He also regularly serves as an adviser to students working on their senior theses.

In Spring 2010, he received the “Faculty of the Year Award for Academic Excellence,” given annually by students at the college.In the last decade, he has lectured in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. In spring 2014 Professor Tubbs was Visiting Associate Professor of Politics at Princeton University.

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