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Helen DeVos


Helen Devos
  • Tenure at King's: 2013 to Present

Mrs. Helen DeVos is a contributor to many Christian organizations and a generous supporter of the arts, education, and health care.

Helen DeVos has devoted her life to service to others and to her communities as an active member, participant and contributor to churches and other Christian organizations. She has also been a generous supporter of the arts, education, and health care. Mrs. DeVos is well known as a supporter of symphony orchestras and has shared her love of music on both local and national levels. In 1971, she began to serve on the board of the Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra and later on the executive committee; she has been an Honorary Board Member since she retired in 1992. Mrs. DeVos also is an honorary board member of the League of American Orchestras in New York City, where she served as a board member from 1982-1992, as Vice Chairman of the Executive Board from 1985-1992 and Chairman of the Nominating Committee from 1989-1991. She and her husband have donated generously through the Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation. Center for Scholars Corporate Citizenship Award, 2006; American Red Cross, Circle of Humanitarian Award, 2005. Dr. & Mrs. DeVos have four children, sixteen grandchildren and one great-grandchild.