The King's College

Faculty & Staff

Josiah Peterson

Debate Coach

  • Tenure at King's: August 2014 to Present

  • M.A. Liberal Studies - Social Sciences

    St. John's University , 2014

  • B.A. - Politics, Philosophy, and Economics

    The King's College , 2012

"Students at King's realize that in order to influence strategic institutions they need to be able to effectively advocate truth in the competitive marketplace of ideas. Our debate program, grounded in an understanding that truth exists and is knowable, provides them the means to put their classroom learning into practice against some of the top minds in the country. Judging by our success I'd say we're doing pretty well."

Josiah Peterson is the debate coach and adjunct instructor of Argumentation and Debate and the Debate Practicum at The King’s College. He has also taught courses in History of Economic Thought, Persuasive Writing and Speaking, and assisted in the course development and instruction of The Great Depression, The Great Society, and Calvin Coolidge with Presidential Scholar Amity Shlaes.

Josiah Peterson earned his M.A. in Liberal Studies: Social Sciences, at St. John’s University, where he was graduate assistant to the director of debate and professor of rhetoric, Dr. Steve Llano. Before studying at St. John’s, he earned his B.A. in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at The King’s College. As a collegiate debater Josiah saw competitive success at the North East University Debate Championship, the America’s Cup, the Yale I.V., and the U.S. University Debate Championship, among others. He has both competed in and judged three times at the World Universities Debate Championship.

His academic interests include the ethics of rhetoric, the interplay of rhetoric and republican government, and the work of C.S. Lewis. He has published articles in the Orlando Sentinel, The Federalist, and Public Discourse, and presented papers at two C.S. Lewis Foundation conferences. He has been on the radio with Kevin McCullough and Steve Deace. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Rachelle, who is also a King’s alum.