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The King's College is a reflection of the generosity of private philanthropists. Our faithful community makes it possible to remain a highly competitive liberal arts institution. Financial support from friends, alumni, and parents supplement tuition to help the College achieve our mission to prepare students for careers in which they help to shape and eventually to lead strategic institutions. 

Reasons to Give

The Reasons Start Here. The Rewards Are Eternal.

Our Focused and Unique Mission

Our unique philosophy and approach enables our graduates to compete for positions in America’s most influential industries: government, business, media, law, education, and the church. Our highly specialized mission is central to our operation: we strive to do a few things extremely well.

Located in the heart of Manhattan’s Financial District, the King’s mission is the same as it’s always been: to advance liberty, to shape and lead influential institutions, and to return to Christian truths regarding politics, philosophy, economics, business, and culture.

Our Ideas Are Competitive

The King’s College seeks students who desire to engage the world. Our faculty exposes these students to great and profound ideas and challenges them to measure these ideas against the truths of Scripture. 

Our educational demands are coupled with the leadership and career opportunities that New York City affords. We want our students to enter boardrooms, courtrooms, and newsrooms—and to help shape and to lead them. Among Christian colleges, King’s is a unique place of influence in the secular city. 

Our Students

Students who choose to come to The King’s College are highly motivated. King's seeks bright students who seek to be a leader in their careers. Rather than sheltering our students from mainstream society, we equip them to change it. 

We do not tell our students what to think. Instead, we teach them how to think. We do this so that they can take their education in the real world and understand a world that is constantly changing.

Our Specialized Approach to Student Development

Each year, King’s students build lasting friendships by being in one of ten student-led, mission-driven communities called Houses. These Houses of about 50 students are named after noble leaders that in some way embody the ideas of The King’s College, and it is here that underclassmen are mentored and brought fully into the community of King’s. 

Our Strategic Location in New York City

Our location in New York City is deliberate. We take pride in being able to understand and influence larger-scale communities and entrenched ideas in the world's most global city. Christian faith may not be as popular here as it is elsewhere, but we have the power to make real improvements in the world’s most influential city. 

New York City is the perfect training ground for acquiring the skills and experiences necessary for national impact. It provides our students with access to internships in major media outlets, businesses, top law firms, influential non-profits, and a world-class arts community.

Our Curriculum

The King’s College offers the sort of historically-rooted education that was once common among colleges and universities, but is now rare in higher education. In order for our students to successfully compete in the world and emerge as leaders, they need a Biblical worldview that understands the ideas driving global trends and events. To this end, we teach a unique core curriculum consisting of courses in economics, history, politics, philosophy, and theology.

Our Legacy

Funding scholarships or an academic program allows donors to make a permanent mark on The King’s College. In addition, there are many opportunities for donors to memorialize loved ones and friends.

Naming opportunities include:

Endowed Professorships
Scholarships and Fellowships
Unrestricted Endowments
Centers, Institutes, Departments, and Programs

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