Finances and Earning Your Degree

Good stewardship, budget management, and student loans. Oh my!

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In 2018, Forbes stated that 44% of Americans don’t have enough savings to cover a $400 emergency, 35% of households have credit card debt, and 33% have $0 saved for retirement. It’s safe to say that America has a financial literacy problem.

For this reason, every April, colleges, banks, and various organizations celebrate Financial Literacy Month — to encourage a national conversation around financial responsibility — and equip the general public with skills to thrive in the area of personal finance.

At The King’s College, we celebrate and encourage academic ability and student leadership. To supplement the already stellar opportunities available on campus, we are offering a practical education on personal financial management.

On Tuesday, April 16 at noon in classroom 626, join Senior Accountant and money management expert, Grace Gleason, Director of Career Development, and published author, Matthew Perman, and Finance professor, Dami Kabiawu for a Financial Literacy Seminar. Learn the importance of good stewardship, fair compensation, and managing a budget.

Lunch will be provided for the first 40 people who register using this link.

Happy Financial Literacy Month!

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