On The House System and Friendships

... you already have a good resource for meeting new friends or building deeper friendships.

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By: Nadine Jetrude Ragas

Within a few weeks in the semester, there came a point where I thanked God for the friendships I’d made so far during my freshman year—frankly, feeling a sense of relief. On the other hand, one can feel unsatisfied with their friendships at King’s, since it can take time to find your people, or they fall somewhere in between those two common sentiments. If that is the case for you, 

Most first-years attribute the start of their friendships to their House. The House can serve as a welcoming platform for every new student, yet it can also be a place where the deepest friendships form (from our time at King’s and beyond). The House system fosters deep friendships well. However, I’ve felt that while I love my friends in the House, making new friends outside this circle can be challenging. If you’ve felt similarly, or if you’re feeling that way now, you are in good company!

I asked second-year student, Esther Wickham, her thoughts on friendships. Wickham, like many, went through the perils and joys of quarantine this time last year. She notes that:

 “Though it was difficult to make friends last year during the pandemic it allowed me to be close with my roommates during quarantine and cultivate a tight-knit community with my House, since these events were easier to attend due to COVID-19. Because there weren’t a lot of on-campus events, I wasn’t able to make many friends outside of my small community. This year has been better, but now other responsibilities pull me away from the community; that’s why it’s important to have your priorities in order and learn to take things in moderation. I’ve been thankful for the normalcy King’s and the city has felt like since the semester has started, with activities opening up and being fully in person.” 

To create deep friendships, one thing we both agreed on was that living on campus with our House solidified our (now) social circles. Although it may come with both pros and cons, the best thing to look forward to now is to see all the student body coming together as King’s transitions back into a fully in-person campus experience.


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