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Career development can help provide resources, training, career experiences, and job opportunities to help you launch a compelling career.

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Career development is here to provide you with resources, training, career experiences, and job opportunities to help you launch a compelling career that will shape strategic institutions

I have two words to describe my experience of trying to find my first job after college: crazy stressful. I had no preparation on how to do my resume, how to find job opportunities that would be a good fit, or even how to know what to do with my life. So I was figuring it out as I went, without good access to the best information available.

In one interview I was asked the classic “what’s your greatest weakness” question. Having no idea what to say, I quickly responded with the first thing that came to mind after getting lost on the way to the interview: “I’m bad with directions.” The interviewer didn’t even crack a smile–and I didn’t get the job.

It doesn’t have to be that way for you. The office of career development is here to help you prepare for your career in an intentional way so that you can launch it with confidence–not the confusing stress and uncertainty that I experienced.

In fact, studies are showing that students who get advice and other services from the career development office at their college are “5 times more likely to graduate on time, with a job lined up.” So working with us will help you be all the more effective in turning your degree into a career that pays the bills and is well suited to your gifts.

Of course, being at the start of your college experience, you have a lot more to think about right now than just your upcoming career. So I have good news: for your first year at King’s, there are just a few very simple things you need to do in order to begin preparing for your career well. Here’s what you you need to know for your first year:

Be a focused student, and let us help you get your resume in shape

We can also help you start identifying a career direction, but even that can wait until you get more into your academic experience. 

Be a Focused Student

This is the foundation of your career success (and life success). Mastering the content of your courses will not only mean a better GPA–which will you obtain internships and then your first job after graduation. It will also help make sure you have the skills and concepts that you will constantly be using to do your job and succeed in it. 

There is really no substitute for doing well as a student. And the best way to do that is to put a good foundation in place by focusing fully on your studies the first year.

Meet With Us for Resume Help

You might already have a resume, or you might not. Either way, we can help you get a good framework in place for your resume that you can then build on as you add internships and experiences throughout your time here at King’s. This is the foundation to every other aspect of the career preparation process, so it’s the place to begin.

During this meeting (which we are happy to have virtually), we can also help you identify potential career paths and help you understand what different careers involve. But there’s no pressure–if you aren’t ready for that, we can do that later in the year, or in your Sophomore year. 

To meet with us, send us an email at careers@tkc.edu

What Else Can We Do For You? 

You might want to know what else is involved in preparing for your career with intentionality. So here is a snapshot of our overall process. You are welcome to be a part of any of these things in your first year if desired; but otherwise, read this as an overview of the sorts of things you will want to start in your Sophomore year.

Career Planning: Discover what you want to do with your life

We help you identify where you can make the biggest contribution to the world, through a career you love, shaped by a biblical worldview.

Job-Finding Skills: Master the job hunt now–for the rest of your life

Learn how to stand out to employers through remarkable personal marketing tools (your resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letters, and personal branding statement). And learn the process for finding and landing great jobs.

Internships and Connections: Get the experience and connections you need

Use the job search skills we will teach you to find and land relevant internships. With these internships you can gain the experience necessary to build your resume and refine your career direction. 

As part of this, we help you begin the process of building your network before you need it.  The great news is that NYC is a global hub, filled with hundreds of leading companies, amazing start-ups, and incredible professionals who are willing to help.

Launch: Land your first job upon graduation…and keep going well

Launch your career, know how to adjust to organizational culture, harness the best research on how to succeed in the workplace, and know how to determine when it’s time to make a move.

You can see what other students have gone on to do in the Class of 2019 Grad Report.

You Can be Confident

Your dream job is not something you find–it’s something you create. We can help you at every step.

Be on the lookout for our workshops, company visits, and recruiting sessions in the King’s Weekly (an email you receive every Sunday during the academic year to your King’s email). And reach out to us at careers@tkc.edu to set up a meeting for getting your resume in shape–and, down the road, for career planning, job search help, interview preparation, and more.

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