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Valentine’s Day may have been two weeks ago, but your House Scholars love learning all year long!

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Valentine’s Day may have been two weeks ago, but your House Scholars love learning all year long! In today’s blog post, King’s 101 asked the scholars one question: Why do you love learning?

Natalie Bedford, House of Ten Boom: “Learning has always been a way for me to explore new worlds and really dive into everything around me. I’ve always been curious, and once you find your niche, the amount of information out there is endless. Learning allows me to feel like I am part of something bigger. God created such a complex world for us to be able to uncover its secrets, and as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized just how small we are compared to His knowledge and works. It’s a blessing to be able to learn about the things that make you want to run and tell everyone about!”

Whitney Winn, House of Barton: “Higher education is beautiful to me because it’s a choice that we have all made. We have committed this part of our lives to listen, learn, and grow up together. My favorite part about learning is when something comes back to you that you didn’t even know you knew because it has become a part of you.”

Renae Maganza, House of Queen Elizabeth I: “I love learning because it allows me to see the world from others’ perspectives and love them better. History and philosophy classes allow me to see the world from someone else’s eyes. Business and economics classes show me how best to help others to succeed. Religion classes teach me who God is and how He wants me to treat others. Learning all of these things grow me as a person and help me to serve others better, and I am so thankful that I go to a school where that is the goal of our education: to grow and love each other well.”

Seth Pate, House of Dietrich Bonhoeffer:Being in the Know. One of the best parts of learning is having the ability to ‘join the conversation.’ Too often (before college) I witnessed many a conversation of lofty or heady content that sounded awesome. Yet without taking time to learn, I was unable to take part in these exciting talks. Now, having gone back to college and applied myself to learning, I find I am able to talk about newer more exciting topics, with a wider variety of people. If nothing, learning helps your conversation skills tremendously.”

Graham Popadic, House of C.S. Lewis: “I enjoy pushing myself to the edge. Striving to be the best in everything. At King’s, I am challenged with all different forms of learning that will not only help me now but also as I leave King’s into my future. I am excited to see just how influential this new learning has been to me in the real world.”

Montgomery Drumm, House of Ronald Reagan: “Learning conquers some stupidity.”

Zachary Moeller, House of Sir Winston Churchill: “I love learning because it’s the best way to avoid a disease that afflicts the masses: ignorance. Learning is the only sure cure; various measures of protection (solitude, quiet reflection, prayer, etc.) have been found to be only partially effective. Learning is the penicillin to ignorance’s infection.” 

Leah Thomas, House of Truth: “College is the best resource. Growing up homeschooled, I did a lot of learning on my own. Then I came to college and was instantly surrounded by experts in every field. It’s been four years, and I still can’t get over how lucky I have been to spend these years soaking in this wealth of knowledge. Books are great, but they can’t argue back. So enjoy intellectual banter with your professors while you can!”

Emma Powell, House of Thatcher: “I love learning because it helps enhance the world around me. It makes me better appreciate other people and their ideas.”

Deborah Gonçalves, House of Susan B. Anthony: “I love learning because it allows me to appreciate how accessible knowledge is. I find it amazing that so much is available to us today, and I love being able to sort of experience different periods of history. At the end of the day, I think that we can never stop learning, and to me, that’s fascinating.”





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