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The Fjeldstad Scholarship

Students walking in the Financial District

Providing NYC experience to outstanding international journalism students

Through the Arne Fjeldstad Memorial International Journalism Scholarship, The King’s College offers $20,000 annually for international journalism students to attend the NYC Semester in Journalism program.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What expenses does the Arne Fjeldstad scholarship cover?

    The scholarship funds either two $10,000 scholarships or one $20,000 scholarship to help students attend NYCJ. The $10,000 scholarships cover the bulk of tuition and housing for students (remaining costs include food and transport to New York as well as a small amount of tuition expenses). In rare instances, one student may be selected for the scholarship and fully funded.

  • What are the components of the NYCJ program?

    NYCJ students are placed in a newsroom internship in NYC for 20 hours per week (receiving 6 academic credits). They also take three classes at The King’s College with other students in the NYC Semester in Journalism program. Read more about NYCJ coursework and internships.

  • Who is eligible to apply for the Arne Fjeldstad scholarship?

    Outstanding journalism undergraduates from Africa, India, Latin America, Central Eastern Europe (including the Balkans and the Baltic countries) are welcome to apply. Other countries or regions may also be welcome. Feel free to inquire by emailing Eleni Glader. Applicants must demonstrate they have excellent abilities in the English language and know how to report. Applicants should be seriously considering or pursuing a career in journalism in their home country, and should already have bylines. Applicants should be comfortable studying at a Christian liberal arts college that is committed to teaching the truths of Christianity alongside journalism skills. They should also be committed to being part of the NYCJ community and community of students at The King’s College.

  • How can I apply?

    Students who fit the application criteria should follow the application process here and write to Eleni Glader to request consideration for the Arne Fjeldstad Memorial International Journalism Scholarship.

  • Who was Arne Fjeldstad?

    Arne Fjeldstad, a native Norwegian, was a Lutheran minister and a night editor at the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten. Fjeldstad helped develop The Media Project, an international network of working journalists who care about good journalism, particularly religion reporting. Arne was appreciated by many people in Africa, India, Latin America and other corners of the globe. This scholarship for deserving international students preserves his legacy of kind mentoring and encouragement to international journalists.

gertrude too-rom

Gertrude Too-Rom, NYCJ Spring ’17

“NYCJ has been highly instrumental in setting my career path. My experience in New York was nothing short of life changing! My worldview diversified from the interactions inside and outside outside the classroom. Entrepreneurial Journalism, in particular, laid the foundation on which I’m building my career now: digital communications. My internship at WORLD polished my writing and fact-checking skills, essential to my line of work. My most profound appreciation to MPJI for my Arne Fjeldstad Scholarship and to King’s for breeding a warm-hearted and welcoming community. God bless you all!”

keta bagashvilli

Ketevan Bagashvilli, NYCJ Spring ’18

“Before receiving the Arne Fjeldstad Scholarship, I could never let myself dream about moving across the ocean and waking up at Wall Street every day to go to school on Broadway, to work and write for New Yorkers, to visit publications like ProPublica and attend the ‘Good Morning America’ show. Six months later, thinking about all the crazy adventures I have been through in New York, I still can’t believe it happened to me. If I have to thank one place for creating the version of myself that I always wanted to be and the version that I am after New York, it’s definitely NYCJ.”

ruth rose akongo

Ruth Rose Akongo, NYCJ Fall ’18

“NYCJ has exposed me to a lot in both my educational and social life. But most importantly as a young journalist I have acquired skills that I would love to share with my fellow students back at home. I am so happy to work and learn in one of the best cities in the world.”