Alumni Class Notes for March 2019

King's alumni found a coaching business, work with artificial intelligence, and hold a government position in the nation's capital.

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John Gonska (Business ’10) has accepted an offer to run the R&D office for the new social media startup Zappmeet. In July of this year, upon completion of a three-year leadership development program in Sydney, he will be moving to Tel Aviv with his wife and two children. His focus will be integrating artificial intelligence, Blockchain, and voice technologies into the app while his wife assumes a leadership role in the recent Hillsong church plant.

Zachary Cochran (PPE ’10) founded a coaching business to help people operate in their sweet spots at work. Zachary writes, “I coach clients across the U.S. over video or telephone to help them identify why they’re stuck and help them get unstuck. I help clients discover and work toward their optimal career direction. If a dream job is like a dartboard, then I help people identify and hit their ‘career bullseye.’” Read a recent article about his work on Medium.

David Elrod (MCA ’17) was named Manager of Government Affairs at the National Chicken Council in Washington, D.C.

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