Alumni Gathering Promotes Fellowship and Discussion in the Nation’s Capital

Dr. Joseph Loconte hosted King’s alumni in his Washington, D.C. home for a discussion with Dr. David Tubbs on religious freedom, Christian engagement in civic society, and other timely topics.

Alumni Gathering
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New York may be the city that never sleeps, but the nation’s capital has a constant buzz of its own. Partisan drama, domestic and international headlines, and the bureaucratic grind can lead to a frenetic pace for those living and working in Washington, D.C.

So, for alumni of The King’s College living in D.C., it is always a delight to join together in community and set our sights on higher things. On March 31, a few dozen alumni joined Dr. Joseph Loconte, associate professor of history, and Dr. David Tubbs, associate professor of politics, to do just that through fellowship, discussion, and a bit of networking at Loconte’s lovely home.

Sarah Keenan (PPE ’12), president of The King’s College Alumni Association, said “Every time alumni step into Dr. Loconte’s home for food and conversation, it feels a bit like coming home. D.C. can be a very disenchanting and cold place, but it’s events like this that remind us what inspired us to come here in the first place, and how we can continue to be lights for the Kingdom of God.” Plus, she added, “Loconte makes a great cup of coffee.”

As they have for several years, the professors facilitated a discussion on an intellectual topic and shared updates from the College. Tubbs prompted a conversation about religious freedom in light of a highly successful panel discussion that King’s had co-sponsored (and which Loconte had moderated) earlier this year. From there, alumni engaged in a freewheeling discussion about current events, the political climate, and how Christians ought to engage in a civic society increasingly dominated by individualistic social media—in all, a very Kingsian afternoon.

Keenan and Chris Ross (PPE ’10), secretary of the Alumni Association, also shared their plan to create an official chapter of the Association in D.C. this summer. Ross is planning an event for late July to bring together alumni for further fellowship and to create an opportunity for students interning in D.C. this summer to meet alumni who work in various fields of government, law, journalism, and the nonprofit sector. Any D.C.-area alumni interested in attending should contact him at

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