Celebrating Eric Bennett’s Legacy

The College wishes Bennett the best for his new endeavors.

Eric Bennett at desk
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The King’s College is honored to celebrate the legacy of a longtime colleague, Eric Bennett. On May 1, Eric Bennett will conclude his 17 years of service to The King’s College in order to spend more time at home with his family and to launch his new content development business, Bennett Collaborative.

President Tim Gibson said, “The King’s Board joins with the senior staff at the College in a sincere desire for many blessings to Eric and his family as he begins this new adventure. Eric’s deep love for King’s students, alumni, staff, and faculty is evident in his daily interactions, and we will miss his presence on campus.”

Bennett currently serves as the College’s vice president of enrollment management and student development and has spent the last 30 years in higher education. Before King’s, he directed admissions at Toccoa Falls College, Simpson College, and Alliance Theological Seminary.

Bennett shared the following personal note to staff and faculty earlier this month:


After 17 years working at The King’s College, it’s time for me to begin a new chapter. May 1 will be the last day of my 30-year career in higher education and the first day of a business I am launching called Bennett Collaborative. I am both terrified and exhilarated.

Bennett Collaborative is content development for brands with purpose. It’s helping companies find the right words to tell their story and then telling it with clarity and style.

I will work remotely in this next season, which means I can invest more fully in my family. I am jazzed to redeem the daily three-hour commute to get more involved in my local church with my wife Kathy.

The last 17 years at King’s have been the best years of my professional career. I love this community and the mission for which it exists. I am sad I won’t be involved in the next phase of the College’s growth, but King’s will always be a part of me.

Pray for me. I will pray for you.


Eric Bennett
Vice President Enrollment Management and Student Development
The King’s College – New York City

The College wishes Bennett the best for his new endeavors. Alumni, staff, and faculty shared the following notes of gratitude and appreciation.

“Eric has supported and encouraged me at my lowest and pushed me to my greatest heights. I cannot imagine my King’s experience without him, as so many will likewise attest, but his impact will continue on through those of us whose lives were bettered because of him.” —Jonathan Sheaffer (MCA ’12), Director of Student Development

“Eric Bennett is one of the finest men I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. He’s an exceptional professional, an amazing counselor and mentor to students, and a faithful friend. I’m thrilled that the Lord has called him to a new and exciting career opportunity, even as I know our community will miss him dearly.” —Brian Brenberg, Executive Vice President

“Eric gave everything to his work and to this student body. We learned from him that Christian leadership doesn’t always have to look perfect or cookie-cutter. You can be yourself, learn lessons, make mistakes. He modeled for us what a life of passionate pursuit of Christ and his Kingdom looks like.” —Sarah Keenan (PPE ’12), President of the TKC Alumni Executive Committee

“Since my freshman year in 2003 I’ve watched leaders at TKC try to define the heart of the college, pondering the eternal impact of the ‘mission.’ Spend 30 minutes with Eric over a cup of sugar and a little coffee, and you realize it’s sitting in front of you. Eric goes to the hard places at great risk to himself. That’s leadership. Up and to the left, Kurtis.” —Kurtis Cochran (Business ’07)

“So much of what I love about TKC is the fruit of investments made by the incredible adult mentors, like Eric, who came into my life as a student and young graduate. Being challenged to think about my faith and vocation over shared meals, in deep conversations, and through mutual prayer and support has deeply shaped my life; ten years after graduating, our friendship continues to grow, which is a testament to the sort of man Eric is. I know that God will bless him as he takes this next step, and that the community that he so faithfully helped to foster at TKC will continue to flourish in part because of the seeds he planted.” —Matt Kaal (PPE ’09)

“Before I began working at King’s, in fact, before I even knew that I would be applying to teach at the college, I met Eric during one of my trips to NYC to visit Dr. Salyers, a graduate school friend. I was immediately taken in by his energy, humor, and all around lust for life. When I found out about the job opening in history at King’s in the spring of 2004, I knew I wanted to work alongside him and the many other great people I had met on previous visits. Once I got to King’s, he made himself available to me as I transitioned into full-time teaching at the college level. Eric Bennett is The King’s College. And always will be, I think, no matter what he does next. I’ll miss him very much.” —Dr. Henry Bleattler, Chair of the Program in Media, Culture, and the Arts

“Eric Bennett inspired me to pursue the Lord’s leading in a ‘world-class’ way. In the five years I worked with and for him, Eric remained steady through the best and hardest of times. To quote Hamilton, ‘Legacy. What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.’ Eric planted seeds every day, and while I will miss his presence dearly, I will remember his example.” —Megan Dishman (MCA ’14), Assistant Vice President of Marketing and Communications

“Working as a faculty member and in student development, I came to appreciate the formative role Eric has had over the years. It’s simply true that The King’s College would not be where it is today without both his leadership and his profound love for students. Whenever a problem arose, you could count on Eric to chant, ‘We develop students! That’s our job!’ Because he has spent so much effort training the college in this skill, we gladly carry on his wisdom.” —Dr. Dru Johnson, Associate Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies

“I came to King’s because I wanted to be surrounded by the best, to learn from them and hopefully one day, impact them. Eric gave my ambition a soul. He did that over dozens of coffee conversations and walks in the Financial District. He did that through hard questions that rattled me out of any chance of living superficially — whether in work or faith. I am just one of many — and I’m proud to be a part of the legacy that Eric leaves behind him.” —Lucinda Sweazey (Business ’15)

“There are few people I admire as much as Eric Bennett. For 17 years, I have watched him pour his heart and soul into the King’s community. He has left his mark on countless students and alumni. Being in the trenches with him for almost two decades has been the highlight of my professional career. I’m a better Dean of Students – and a better man – in so many ways because of him.” —David Leedy, Dean of Students

“It is a joy to recall Eric Bennett. His ability to see people and their potential has been an inspiration and a gift to me personally, and to so many others. The King’s College is good, brave, and ready because of the unseen, daily contributions he made in his 17 year tenure; he is a man of standards and action. As a mentor and friend he has said many times what we now say to him: Well done.” —Jennifer Tharp, Assistant Dean of Student Academic Services

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