Dr. John Mark Reynolds Appointed Senior Fellow in the Humanities

"His work as an enthusiastic, big-thinking Christian scholar and educational leader has been and continues to be exemplary and inspiring."

John Mark Reynolds
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The King’s College is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. John Mark Reynolds as a Senior Fellow in the Humanities. In his capacity as Senior Fellow, Reynolds will speak during the Presidential lecture series and consult with the department of Academic Affairs regarding future academic ventures at King’s.

Dr. Reynolds is the founding President of The Saint Constantine School. He is the former Provost of Houston Baptist University and was the founder and Director of the Torrey Honors Institute, the Socratic, great books-centered honors program at Biola University. He received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Rochester, where he wrote his dissertation analyzing cosmology and psychology in Plato’s Timaeus. Dr. Reynolds is the author of numerous books, including When Athens Met Jerusalem: an Introduction to Classical and Christian Thought and is the editor of The Great Books Reader. He is a frequent blogger and lecturer on a wide range of topics including ancient philosophy, classical and home education, politics, faith, and virtue.

“The chance to work with such innovative scholars seeking wisdom and virtue through Christian education is a great joy! The King’s College is just what I was seeking: a school committed to excellence and integrity,” said Reynolds.

“John Mark Reynolds is one of the most respected voices in classical Christian education today. He is an innovator and pioneer, as his work with the Torrey Honors program at Biola University and career elsewhere shows. As an educator, he possesses a rare combination of scholarship and passion for truth. He is both a great writer and a spellbinding lecturer. The King’s College is thrilled to collaborate with the St. Constantine School under his leadership. The two most powerful words for the future of Christian education are: align and collaborate. That’s precisely what is taking place here,” said President Gregory Alan Thornbury.

“It is a distinct honor for us to welcome Dr. Reynolds to The King’s College as a Senior Fellow,” said Dr. Mark Hijleh, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty. “His work as an enthusiastic, big-thinking Christian scholar and educational leader has been and continues to be exemplary and inspiring. I very much look forward to our endeavors together.”

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