A Fusion of Strengths in Pursuit of the Mission and Vision

The King’s College collaborates with Primacorp Ventures Inc. to expand the College’s reach while holding fast to its rigorous Christian liberal arts education.

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Since its resurgence in 1999, The King’s College has built an international reputation as a premier Christian academic institution in the heart of New York City. The College has achieved this reputation by prioritizing its world-class curriculum, grounded in the core disciplines of politics, philosophy, and economics and taught by renowned professors who esteem Biblical truths and uphold academic freedom and excellence.

Bill Bright, the founder of Cru (then Campus Crusade for Christ), was one of the key champions of the College’s reopening in 1999. Bright’s desire was for King’s to educate two million people within the first 10 years of the move to New York City. Trustee emeritus John Beckett says, “In several lifetimes, we may be catching up to just a little bit of that original vision. But somebody has got to cast a vision.”

President Tim Gibson and the Board of Trustees are pleased to affirm the mission of The King’s College by announcing a new collaboration with Primacorp Ventures Inc. With unanimous support, the Board of Trustees approved the agreement on Friday, April 30.

Primacorp, like many for-profit vendors who serve the higher education community, is an independent contractor with specific expertise in meeting the ancillary needs of educational institutions. To date, Primacorp has been responsible for graduating job-ready professionals throughout over 40 campuses in Canada.

With their acumen and expertise, Primacorp and its staff will be invaluable contributors to fulfilling Bright’s bold vision for The King’s College. Scott Fehrenbacher, CEO of Higher Education at Primacorp, says of King’s, “I’ve worked in Christian post-secondary education for years and have known and highly respected The King’s College from afar. Our team is very pleased with the opportunity to work together toward a common vision and mission.”

The King’s College engaged Primacorp with two primary goals: First, to grow the NYC program to optimize use of the current campus. Second, to build out online academic programs, such as King’s Crossover and forthcoming non-credit certificate courses in Foundations of Christian Social Thought.

“After months of conversations, it is evident that Primacorp is genuinely enthusiastic about The King’s College mission and academic offerings,” says Gibson. “They are committed to seeing the College thrive and forge a lasting influence on society.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Primacorp will provide resourcing and expertise for student recruitment, marketing, and fundraising. While eager to see these ancillary needs reinforced, The King’s College retains control of academic standards, as well as institutional messaging, and will continue to offer the same core curriculum and undergraduate offerings, such as its Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees.

“The staff and faculty of The King’s College are some of the most missionally-aligned individuals I’ve worked with in my career,” says Gibson. “They devote their time and efforts to King’s because of their passion and heart to train up students who are good, brave, and ready to serve others. Primacorp’s strengths address some of the most challenging aspects of our work at King’s, while protecting the integrity of our core educational mission.”

Tim Dunn, chairman of The King’s College board, says, “This venture with Primacorp creates an opportunity not only to significantly enhance King’s business model, but also to more fully realize the vision King’s was founded to pursue. We look forward to a bright future in pursuit of God’s Kingdom in New York City and across the world.”

The King’s College is profoundly grateful to the Board of Trustees for their fierce devotion to the College’s mission and financial stability.

“I’m grateful to God for His constant provision for King’s and its ability to serve students and families well,” says Gibson. “Through His grace, we are excited to see how He leads our community in this new chapter.”

Since 1938, The King’s College has educated young leaders to integrate their faith, ethics, and morality seamlessly into their lives and careers. The only traditional Christian liberal arts college or university located in the heart of New York City, King’s prepares students for principled leadership around the world. Visit tkc.edu for more information or request a personalized visit by calling 888-969-7200.

Rebecca Au-Mullaney contributed to this piece.

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